Tribute to Light worker Julien Wells (who transitioned on January 14, 2017)


Kp and Julien at the June, 2013, Mt. Shasta conference (Julien with “corporate” hair, Kp with “sprouting out the top” hair (click to see larger photo)


Julien from FB page

In the past few weeks, I had heard that Julien Wells was going through some health challenges. Then a couple days ago, I had read somewhere that Julien had passed over, and gone to his next home (probably somewhere in the Pleiades).

I’m placing a few remarks below from some who messaged me when I asked them about Julien.

Before I do that, here is a link to a few Julien Wells Kp blog posts. My favorite post is this one, where I finally discovered that “Julien Wells is a real person!!”, when I met him at Mt. Shasta. I’d been at Shasta for a week or so, and had always wanted to meet him… then he just “showed up” while I was there.


Julien and Kp at Yak’s Coffee Shop in Mt. Shasta. As you can see, both of us have excellent legs! (mine’s the one with more tan, Julien possesses Northwest white)

We later went to Yak’s coffee shop (the older one, with sofas and neat furniture like that), with Eva Moore and a few others. That’s where I discovered that Julien had great legs! (see the photo). He was a very gentle Spirit, and we had a wonderful sharing at that time. And I finally got to meet Eva!! (she sent me that legs photo) Here’s a short snip of what I wrote in the post about our first meeting:

“There will not be any discussion of our conversations. However, I will say that he and many others at the conference were undergoing quite “large and massive” (whatever “large and massive” might mean) transformations.

“…it was clear that we are both on similar paths at this moment. Namely, “large and massive” (whatever “large and massive” might mean) alterations in how we operate on the planet, and in our awareness of what our roles are here.

“Anyway, thanks, Julien (and Eva) for making the grand drive down from Seattle to be here in Shasta. Your Light is most welcome here… and in my life, at least.”

His service to all of us cannot be measured. I remember listening to his communications from the Pleiadeans, and he also was part of guidance as we journeyed throughout Turtle Island during the 2013 Turtle Island Journey. An important part, in my view.

Below are a few short notes about Julien, some sent to me by those kind enough to confirm that Julien had indeed passed, and some from Julien’s FB page. The [] have the initials of the senders.

“He was an amazing and great-hearted lightworker and we will miss him. He called me on Skype the day he first contacted the Pleadian ship and and was beside himself with excitement… as was I! That is a moment I will never forget… [CH]

“Dear Beautiful Julien Wells you were the inspiration behind the creation of this Source Inspired Space, our group session with you, our conversations, the encouragement and guidelines that you shared, they became the foundations. Thank you for what you shared with myself at the time… It was indeed an honour to call you a friend in this lifetime… [SJ]

“Mother Earth brings us serenity when we walk with her … may she be in your dreams and may you Julien feel the love that surrounds you from near and far, a special soul greatly thought of and heart felt hugs come your way, for you and your whole family. May Source Creator light your path….[IP]

“I was one of the many fortunate enough to have spoken with you for a session and I am so grateful. My heart extends to your family and close friends right now and I have to admit, right now I am very saddened. Much love to you forever and I know you will continue to help from another home. [CU]

“Yes, he transitioned early Saturday morning. He had been trying to fight his cancer for the past 6 months or more, but it had already taken over most of his vehicle by then. Not sure if you remember about 3 or 4 years ago, his telling us he would be leaving last fall.. he would have if not for the fight.. I was there in summer when his health turned critical and he went to the hospital. [JVP]

[from his brother] “Hello everyone, I just got a call from my father an hour ago. Julien passed in the morning at around 6:00 am Seattle time… It’s not a surprise, but I still had some hope for a miracle. I’m writing this before it kicks in and I can still talk or write about it. I’d like to quickly thank everyone for all the positive thoughts and support it has been helpful.”

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