GaiaPortal 1-5-17… “Sterilizations of negative embodiments commence in full”

gaiaportal_logo286Very positive GaiaPortal, in my view. Kind of goes along with what was reported in this prior Kp blog post, with Kent Dunn.

A note that “Salacious” means “Appealing to or stimulating sexual desire… Characterized by or indicating sexual desire; lustful“. It looks like the unbridled sexual (creation) energy is being shut down… and rechanneled.

For further interpretations, I suggest checking Rosalie Parker and The Event Hub.


Sterilizations of negative embodiments commence in full

Sterilizations of negative embodiments commence in full.

Salacious hu-beings cancel appointments.

Strays are collected and returned to Light.

Florescents Illuminate the dark corners.

Marks of Inner Light are emplaced.

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