Max Steel & Kent Dunn, on The Quantum Shift (hosted by Dr Sam Mugzzi), 1-3-17… “Star Wars, Global Liberation, Pindar, Underground bases, Freemasons, Annunaki, Clones, Pleiadian Healing Machines, Healing Frequencies”

dr_sam_mugzzi_the_quantum_shift_header_1The main recommendation I give to those who feel drawn to listen to this, “Keep an open mind else it may be ‘blown’ (open, that is)”.

That being said, I have listened to some of Kent Dunn’s intel from time to time, via Gary Larabee’s Youtube channel. I have found it very apocalyptic and illuminative and with much information that one may or may not agree on, but feels right to me. Discernment is always advised.

Remember, the multi-ring circus is being exposed, and everything is being taken apart. I see these two, particularly Kent Dunn, as major exposers. Here is his most recent intel message (today’s, 1-4-17), which had even more detail on what was on this show (suggest listening to all of it, all the way through).

There is an audio link I was sent (by Ginger), and I took it and cut out the music and ads. That upgraded video is below (well, I think it is “upgraded”).

Dr. Mugzzi’s radio link is here and a direct link to her podcasts is here. Her YouTube page is

Upgraded audio with music and commercials removed (Download link)

Original audio (Download link)


Published on Jan 4, 2017
Dr. Sam Mugzzi interviews Capt. Max Steel and Kent Dunn.

This is part one of this interview. The second part of this interview is on Wolf Spirit Radio with Capt. Max Steel and Kent Dunn [Wednesday 1-4-16, 7-9 PST].

Tonight we are discussing the Star Wars, and Global Liberation. Pindar, Queen Lizzy, Denver Airport, Underground bases, Freemasons, Annuaki, and Clones. We also discuss the Pleiadian’s Healing Machines, and the Healing Frequencies that are now coming to the public.

These Healing Computers will regrow limbs, reverse age, and retrain the body to heal itself from all disease.

This transition that we are going through will take us to the Golden Ages and a happier reality.

Who is the Pope and what is his role within the Washington DC Corporation.

We also discussed the global collateral accounts, and the Strawman accounts. These are connected to the birth certificates and will be dissolved with the elimination of the Federal Reserve and IRS.

For more information on the RV, GVR and other financial abundance programs; check Gary Larabee’s Youtube channel. []

There is a lot mentioned during this show so you will want to join us and the Wolf Spirit Radio show Wednesday night Jaunaury 4th, 2017.

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