Kp message to Russia (@MyCountryRussia FaceBook page) 12-31-16… And Putin’s 2017 New Year Message

mycountryrussia_fb_logo_1I don’t know if this is the official “Russia” FB page, but it has a blue checkmark next to it, so I figure it must be official in some way. Hopefully someone in Russia will see it.

Comment on @MyCountryRussia

I write to all Russian people, and all in her government, with a strong THANK YOU for all you are doing to bring Peace to this world. Thank you for showing wisdom and restraint with the childish government of the USA. I do NOT agree with how they have dealt with you.

And I send my Love and Aloha to all Russia.

Aloha, from the Big Island (Hawaii Island) of the Kingdom of Hawai’i, Kauilapele Kona

Putin’s New Year Address 2017: Challenging year brought us closer together

I trust all will remember that because of Russia, we are now in a planetary position where Planetary Peace is possible. When they began singing the Russia National Anthem, I had tears in my heart (tears of gratitude, baby!).
. (full text)

Published on Dec 31, 2016
The challenges endured by Russia in 2016 have only strengthened the nation’s unity and aspirations for success, thus showing the way forward, President Vladimir Putin says, in his traditional New Year message televised at several minutes before midnight.

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