One Jim Dean (VT) and Three RTs 12-29-16… on “Sanctions… 35 Russian Diplomats Expelled from the US”

obama_putin_not_so_happy_1Talk about “boring”… at least that’s what I might have said at any other time. But looks like this is a parting present (perhaps one of many?) from the Obama administration (very likely, a combo of scared s—less Dems, pissed off NWO-type Republicans, and possibly Obama himself) to the incoming Trump administration. Whatever the case, let’s send Light and High Energies to all involved here. Anyway, as I see it, the chaff is being recognized, separated from the wheat (non-GMO, of course), and flying away.

I’m posting Jim Dean’s first, then the RTs in reverse chronological order.

Obama orders sanctions on Russia over alleged election interference (Jim Dean, VT (via PressTV))

[Jim Dean] “This is about what we have been expecting, a fanny covering move by Obama so it could not be said he did nothing… The backdrop on this has been Trump’s dissing the hacking claims, and the Obama security people did not put their proof on the table with the Obama announcement. So Trump will still have his reset button on the oval office desk to push when he wants.

“What Obama did not say is that his administration would stop all covert foreign election manipulation, color revolution and unconstitutional regime change activities in January, in an attempt to finally validate his Nobel Peace Prize.

[article] ““I have ordered a number of actions in response to the Russian government’s aggressive harassment of US officials and cyber operations aimed at the US election,” outgoing President Barack Obama said on Thursday.”

Time to move to bigger and better things – Trump after sanctions on Russia announced

“President-elect Donald Trump has responded to the Obama administration’s decision to implement new sanctions on Russia and expel 35 Russian officials from the US over alleged interference in the presidential election.

“The president-elect released a statement Thursday evening, saying that the country needs to “move on to bigger and better things.” “Nevertheless, in the interest of our country and its great people, I will meet with leaders of the intelligence community next week in order to be updated about the facts of this situation,” Trump continued.

“Along with implementing the new sanctions, Obama also expelled 35 Russian officials and closed Russian-owned compounds in New York and Maryland. The White House said that this was a retaliation for the harassment of US diplomats in Moscow. Although these accusations have no direct relation to hacking, the administration “looked at this as a package.”

Kremlin: New sanctions underline Obama admin’s ‘unpredictable & aggressive’ foreign policy

“The new US sanctions against Russia are another manifestation of the unpredictable and aggressive foreign policy by the Obama administration, Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin press-secretary, said. “In our point of view such actions of the US current administration are a manifestation of an unpredictable and even aggressive foreign policy,” Peskov told the journalists.

“The US restrictions won’t be left unanswered by Moscow, Peskov said, promising “adequate, reciprocal” reaction “that will deliver significant discomfort to the US side in the same areas.” However, he added that “there’s no need to rush” with the countermeasures against Washington.

“Considering the current transition period in Washington, we still expect that we’ll be able to get rid of such clumsy actions… of behaving like a bull in a china shop, and that we’ll be able to make mutual joint steps to enter on the path of normalization of our bilateral relations,” the spokesman said.”

US issues more sanctions on Russia over alleged election hacking

“President Barack Obama has issued new sanctions against Russian people and companies that the US government has accused of hacking American institutions ahead of the election. The Treasury Department announced the new sanctions against five entities and four individuals on Thursday afternoon.

“The US has also expelled 35 Russian intelligence operatives, giving them 72 hours to leave the country, in response to harassment of US diplomats in Moscow, the White House announced. Although the cases are not related, the administration decided to serve them as “package” a senior official said in a conference call with reporters on Thursday.

“Ahead of that report, the FBI and the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center released a joint document on Thursday that outlined the “technical details regarding the tools and infrastructure used by the Russian civilian and military intelligence services” to interfere in the election. That 13-page joint analysis report is called “Grizzly Steppe.””

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