Four Videos with Data about “The Trump” and his upcoming administration

donald_trump_headshot_from_website_3I’ve viewed all of these videos, and have placed a comment above the first one. Overall, for some these may shed some light on him and his upcoming administration.

With the Alex Jones videos (the last two), for me I found most pertinent information was in the first half or so. And personally I listen to as much as I feel is helpful. Alex’s videos can be pretty “high energy”. They also include his sons as well. I do not necessarily align with everything in those, but I take the best and leave the rest.

Kellyanne Conway: Donald Trump Is Putting The World ‘On Notice’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

This one demonstrates that Kellyanne Conway is an excellent choice as his spokesperson. She certainly deals with Rachel quite well (Rachel also presents some “nuclear joke” data from the past Reagan administration of which I was unaware). There appears to be questions as a prelude to trying to make Mr. Trump’s statements about “strengthening nuclear capabilities” into a “He’s trying to create a nuclear confrontation” argument.

With any of these talking type MSM people, I use this slogan… “Beware the fast talkers.”

Keiser Report: ‘We are all in Trump world now’ (E1010)

Alex Jones Explains The Secret to Donald Trump

Imagine if Hillary Had Been Elected

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