Three “Elon Musk” type articles… “New Tesla Supercharger Network”, and two about Elon Musk selected for Trump’s “Strategic and Policy Forum”


Electrek Supercharger Network (US)

These caught my view today. The first one showing the network of superchargers for the Tesla automobiles. And I believe Elon Musk’s selection for the “Strategic and Policy Forum” (whatever that is, exactly) is a positive sign that renewable technologies will be a part of the new administration’s “energy policy”. One thing for sure, I am not in any way a fan of the “fracking for shale” idea, as Trump once stated, but we’ll see where that goes. And apparently Elon Musk was not exactly a Trump fan prior to the election.

Tesla unveils its 2017 Supercharger network expansion plans (, 12-17-16)

“Last night, Tesla updated the Supercharger network map on its website to show its expansion plans for next year. With only a few weeks left in 2016, the company had fallen behind on its 2016 expansion plans for its network of DC fast-charging stations and the current Supercharger maps, which should have looked like the “2016 maps,” were missing several stations. Tesla Supercharger “2016 maps” are replaced with “2017 maps” showing some new Supercharger expansions in Hawaii, Mexico, Taiwan, Korea and New Zealand.

“Not much has changed from the 2016 map of planned Superchargers in Europe to the 2017 map. More stations are planned for central Europe and France, but expansions in Eastern Europe and along the Mediterranean sea that were originally planned for 2016 have now been pushed to next year:

“Tesla currently operates over 4,800 Superchargers at over 769 locations around the world. The company aims to almost double that number by the end of next year in preparation for the Model 3 hitting the market during the second half of 2017, and in even larger numbers in 2018.”

Trump picks Elon Musk for advisory committee (Autoblog, 12-14-16)

“…President-elect Donald Trump has been busy filling out his team of cabinet members and advisors… [including] players in the oil industry and deniers of climate change to key administrative positions. In what feels like an unlikely move, Trump has announced that he has named Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk to his Strategic and Policy Forum. Also among the newest additions to this group of advisors is Uber CEO Travis Kalanick.

“Elon Musk, on the other hand, has been outspoken about the fossil fuel industry, climate change, and politicians catering to lobbyists. He has even criticized Trump himself (Trump’s team has swiped back, too). While the incoming President is certainly more concerned about the employment rate than reducing greenhouse gas emissions, there’s little doubt that Musk will use his access to the President to stress what he sees as an inevitable shift away from fossil fuels toward cleaner energy and transport.

Trump Adds Elon Musk, Travis Kalanick And Indra Nooyi To Panel Dedicated To Job Growth (Forbes, 12-14-16)

“President-elect Donald Trump is beefing up his cadre of CEO-advisors: the incoming commander-in-chief said Wednesday that he is adding three more of America’s most prominent chief executives to an economic forum dedicated to job creation and productivity.

“The Trump transition team announced Wednesday that the President’s Strategic and Policy Forum is adding to its ranks Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, Uber co-founder and CEO Travis Kalanick, and PepsiCo PEP -0.43% CEO Indra Nooyi. The forum, which was first announced earlier this month, is meant to give the president-elect direct and non-partisan perspectives from the private sector as he shapes his economic agenda.

“The addition of Musk and Nooyi to the forum is especially notable, as both chief executives have criticized the president-elect and or his campaign season rhetoric in the recent past.”

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