Max Keiser & Alex Jones, 12-8-16… “The Trump Effect is Changing History” (or “Which Alt-Media guy will I listen to?”) VIDEOs (3 of them)

max_keiser_with_alex_jones_161210_300This to me was very informative and entertaining. These two together… I was not sure who was host and who was guest. But I found it fun to watch.

The first video below is a short one, about 20 minutes. The second has the complete Max-Alex show, and starts at 1:38. The third has Max, Alex, and Stacy eating “Texas food”, and talking about a few items related to the election, including the 9-11-16 incident.

In the first (and second) video, they discuss the positive effects of Trump being elected, and what it means for the USA. I found it a very “lifting up of the spirit” video.
. (starts at 1:38:00)

Published on Dec 8, 2016
On this Thursday, December 8th 2016 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we look into the Washington Post’s admission that its article on “fake news” was in fact fake news. That said, Facebook is already attempting to censor dissident voices who contradict the establishment media’s narrative. On today’s show, financial expert Max Keiser explains how the elites are trying to manipulate gold and silver and how the establishment will attempt to block Trump economically. Tune in!

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