A Couple of VTs (RTs, actually) 12-9-16, “Ukraine, Crimea, Syria, Fake News, the UN, Samantha Powers US UN Rep baloney”

veterans_today_banner_new_311rt_cube_logo_150_37These articles perhaps illustrate some the changes we are in store for with Russia-US relations as the old order leaves, and the new order comes in. The cabal continues to be called out, and the new pieces are beginning to be seeded by the incoming Trump administration. In particular the second article below is an indication (to me, at least) that those coming in from the US side are awake to what has been going on (the “Villianizing” of Russia), and are open to a restoration of friendly US-Russia relations.

Russia’s Churkin takes Samantha Power to the woodshed on ‘moderate opposition’ myth (related RT link)

[Jim Dean] “Once again the UN conducts an adult education class in fairy tales, with US ambassador Samantha as chief propagandress. But Russia’s Churkin was there to give us the other side of the story, which you will read below. The outrageous lies routinely thrown out at the UN by Ms. Power are a national embarrassment, but she alone is not to be blamed for following State Department policy, which is the President’s… Shame on you Samantha Power, and all those who have done this in the name of the American people.

[article] “Hijacked by armed extremists, the so-called moderate opposition has effectively ceased to exist in Syria, Russia’s UN ambassador told the General Assembly. The forum was passing a resolution calling for the cessation of hostilities in the war-torn country. On Friday, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) voted 122 to 13 on a non-binding resolution demanding the cessation of hostilities in Syria.

““It is a result of the mindless foreign policy of several international and regional players who once decided to change the leadership in Damascus and to redraw drastically the political, ethnic, confessional, and economic map of the region,” Churkin said… Russia, according to Churkin, on the other hand poured “enormous efforts” – humanitarian, political and military – into helping stop the war and aiding with a transition to direct UN-sponsored settlement negotiations.

“Back at UNGA, Churkin, addressing what he termed the termed the “aggressive rhetoric” of the US Ambassador, said that Power’s focus on Aleppo should be shifted to addressing America’s shortcomings in mediating the settlement of the conflict.”

RT: Ukraine, Crimea coverage is example of ‘fake news’ (related RT link)

“Carter Page, a businessman who advised Donald Trump on foreign policy matters during his presidential campaign, has arrived in Moscow to discuss strengthening business ties and normalizing relations between Russia and the United States… [he] said he would be in the city until December 13 to meet with “business leaders and thought leaders.” In an interview with RIA Novosti, Page said he believes it is extremely important to address the narratives that led to the sanctions stemming from the Ukraine crisis, and normalize relations between Russia and the West.

““The recent history of Ukraine in general and Crimea in particular over the past several years may be among the most egregious examples of ‘fake news’ in recent memory,” he told RIA Novosti. “The level of misinformation which has guided related decisions by outside actors and their impact on this country is tragic…”

“Page also said he was keen for the Russian market to reopen for American investors who had been stopped from doing business by sanctions. “US and European companies are very interested in returning to the Russian market,” he said. “Their interest cuts across a vast array of sectors. The hostile efforts to punish Rosneft and their senior management team through western sanctions have primarily hurt western companies, rather than their intended target.”

“Carter Page is, most significantly, a businessman, who like Donald Trump, says there are “plenty of opportunities in Russia that should be pursued by Americans,” Daniel McAdams, the executive director at the Ron Paul Peace Institute told RT.

““On a pragmatic level, and I think Trump, if anything, is a pragmatic person. He understands that the people that are getting hurt are the American business people not allowed to do business with Russia,” McAdams said.”

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