A Couple of RTs on what was mentioned in the “3 Reasons The Revolution Will Accelerate This Weekend” article…

rt_cube_logo_150_35Do I know exactly how “significant” each of these results is? No. But according to the “3 Reasons The Revolution Will Accelerate This Weekend” article“, the first one is positive for a “massive shifting point for our world”, the lower one is less positive. I do not follow most of Europe’s internal political business, so perhaps some who read this can comment on my FB post of this if they understand more about it.

So one out of two are “positives” here, and with the Standing Rock event today, that’s 2 out of 3 “positives” for a “massive shifting point for our world” (according to the “3 reasons…” article).

Title and highlights from each are below.

Italy’s PM Renzi cedes defeat, plans to resign after decisive ‘No’ vote in constitutional referendum

“Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi says he takes full responsibility for the crashing defeat at the referendum he proposed, which would have reduced the powers of the Senate. Renzi intends to send in his resignation on Monday.

“The founder of the populist Five Star Movement, former comedian Beppe Grillo, who campaigned against Renzi’s proposed reform, arguing that it could undermine political balance in the country, said that “democracy has won,” praising the vote.

““Times have changed,” [Beppe] Grillo said in a statement. “Sovereignty belongs to the people, now we are starting to really apply our Constitution. The main winners are the citizens who raised their heads and went to vote en masse, forgetting about the TV and newspapers, to reject the Constitutional reform.” The Five Star Movement leader called for snap elections to be held “as soon as possible.””

Austrian presidential election: Left-leaning Van der Bellen leads, right-wing Hofer concedes defeat

” The first official results released shortly after polls closed in Austria indicate that left-leaning candidate Alexander Van der Bellen is winning the re-run presidential election with 53.5 percent of the vote. Right-wing Norbert Hofer has 46.4 percent. Only 58 percent of total votes has been counted so far, but experts say the current results are unlikely to change.

“Hofer, a member of the right-wing Freedom Party (FPO), has already conceded defeat and congratulated his rival on his election victory.

“Van der Bellen, an economics professor, ran for president as an independent candidate, although he is a former leader of the increasingly popular Green Party. During the campaign, he described himself as the “lesser evil.””

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