A “LoV” (Load of Videos)-fest centered around “this Recount thing”…

us_2016_election_recount_2[Kp update: I added a Bernie Sanders at the end.]

Very likely, there’s something here for everyone!

These are a few that showed up in my daily YouTube scans, and basically, I have no idea what’s going on, and what’s going to happen (with the election recount deal). It appears to me that the whole “US Election” process is being examined and scrutinized and apocalypsed (unveiled).

In the first two (first one is a Thom Hartman RT), there’s a few “so-and-so agenda this” and “so-and-so agenda that”, which I promptly ignored, but the ones with the Morning Joe crew and the Q&A about “Who said what” I found very entertaining.

And hey, I’m putting these up because I “got” to share them, and because I had some fun with them. They also go along with this prior “recount” post.







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