12-1-16… “Truth vs. NEW$, Inc. 11/28 for Dec. 1. Fetzer w/ the latest hottest News!”

truth_vs_news_161201_screenshotThis for me was a very illuminating show, covering many topics, including the real life of Fidel Castro, the US election, troubles with the real fake media (the MSM), and several other things, including much of Jim Fetzer’s research about JFK assassination. The only part I am not convinced about are the parts about Obama and his family. Still not convinced. (this is in the early part of the second half of the video) (note about Jim Fetzer’s website… for some reason, he only has one post per page; go to bottom of each page and click “Older posts” and you’ll go to the next blog post).

At the very least, this is entertaining, particularly if you watch the “changing hat” window with Don Grahn!

Truth vs. NEW$, Inc. 11/28 for Dec. 1. Fetzer w/ the latest hottest News!

Published on Nov 28, 2016
# 12 in this series – AND –
The best – most vital show we’ve done yet.l
See it all, UNEDITED Starts at 39 seconds:

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