A Couple of Jonas Alexis’s re: Putin, VT 11-19-16… “Rodrigo Duterte meets Vladimir Putin—terrible news for the New World Order” and “…The [ICC] ain’t worth it…”

putin_and_duterte_240_1These sort of “stuck out” from the variety of VTs that I saw yesterday. So I’ll share the titles and a few highlights (actually, the second one is from 11-18-16).

Rodrigo Duterte meets Vladimir Putin—terrible news for the New World Order

“Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte and Vladimir Putin have finally met for the first time, and the meeting went well. Keep in mind that Putin previously charged that the West has lost its moral and intellectual roots by abandoning its essentially Christian principle. Putin argued that by rejecting it roots, the West has inexorably embraced Satanism, which is against the moral and political order.

“Duterte was quick to tell Putin that one of his objections against the West is that it is full of “bigotry,” “terrorizing smaller nations and warmongering.” Western nations, says Duterte, “are making attempts to attack small states and to intimidate them.” Duterte explicitly declared that this “bigotry” is responsible for the wars in Vietnam, Iraq, Korea, Afghanistan, and it is “destructive policies.”

“…will 2017 bring bad news to the New World Order? If Trump ends up making a deal with Russia and indeed the Philippines, then we can say that perpetual wars will be suspended for a while. This means that the Neoconservatives and their lackeys will have to take a back seat. They certainly will not like that, and they will not surrender without a fight.”

Vladimir Putin: The International Criminal Court ain’t worth it—and that’s true

“New World Order agents obviously know that Crimea has been part of Russia since the beginning of time, but they have to produce blatant lies because they think that the masses are all stupid.

“Russia has just signed a declaration which basically says that the International Criminal Court has not lived up to its standard. President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines agreed with Putin when he said, “They are useless, those in the International Criminal [Court].” Russia seems to be saying that political criminals are still walking around and enjoying their free time, and the International Criminal Court has done next to nothing to stop them. Instead, the organization has been putting pressure on Russia for its “crime against humanity.”

“Remember how they perpetuated the lie that Assad was using chemical weapons on his own people? Remember how Russia single-handedly deconstructed that lie by presenting massive evidence to the contrary? Well, New World Order agents hated Russia ever since.

“If the International Criminal Court cannot put pressure on the real criminals, then Russia has every good reason to say adios to the organization. The ICC knows that the war in Iraq was a mess;[13] they know that the Powers That Be deserve to be punished for their crimes, but they still haven’t done anything to bring those psychopaths to judgment. Why?

“Finally, when will the International Criminal Court proceed to arrest people like George Soros? Soros admitted last year that he was in favor of “effective financial assistance to Ukraine,”[15] and we all know what he meant by that.”

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