Kp Message 11-15-16… “Holy Crap, it’s one week after ‘the sky fell and the world caved in'”


Kp on Kauai 11-2-16

In my view, and in my way of BEing, it is always time, each moment of each day, to release what no longer serves, and embrace that which does. Individually, that is how I live (pretty much… I’m almost “perfect” at it… ;-)… (that’s a ‘wink’, by the way)).

From what I have seen, after the sky fell and the world caved in on 11-8-16, many are now struggling to release the results of that 11-8-16 event (if you’ve not figured it out, that event is the “2016 US president election”).

I will say this:

  1. This planet needed a shock, especially many of those in the US, and it got it.
  2. This planet needed a person (for the US president) who was not aligned with the old systems (the cabal) and the old paradigm of “let’s just let the cabal do the same old same old”, and one who actually unveiled “truth bombs”… it got just such a person.

Tonight, I viewed this video of “Celebrities React[ing] To Hillary Losing Election”, and I guess I just had no idea how shocked these people actually were, and how it seemed that, to them, the world had come to an end. I can empathize with all of them, because I felt the same way after the second Bush, Jr., election in 2004. I saw the dangers of continuing the same old same old, but it still happened (and, I actually survived beyond that “horrible” event).

But it also set me on the path of “waking up” to many things that before had been hidden to me about what was going on on this planet (9-11, financial tyranny, etc.).

So besides all these Hillary-supporting Democrat-aligning beings feeling the shock, I’ve also seen the things about them “rioting in Portland” and other places, protests all over the country, throwing crap (not holy crap, the real kind) at Trump signs, George Soros funded demonstrations, and other things like that. That, to me, is very likely all part of those people’s waking up process; their own apocalypse. And part of the planet’s waking up process… to the fact that corruption can occur within any group, Republican or Democrat (or add whatever group you can think of).

And that video (likely assembled by a Republican-leaning person) is like many other things that are coming out now, implying “those ________(s) that backed Hillary” (fill in the blank with a negative word) should now be laughed at and put down and “Hah Hah, you lost” kinds of things, and so on.

Then there’s the “Trump will never be my president” folks, or the ones who will “move to Canada or __________ (fill in your favorite “escape to” country) and get away from this insanity”. Personally, I’ve been there, done that. However that is…

…still playing the duality game.

Then there was this news show with Don Grahn (the host in the little window that’s often doing things with his hands), Jim Fetzer, and a couple others, which had a lot of interesting data (and entertainingly enthusiastic discussion) about the election results, and how the resulting “shocks” to many people are just what this USA country needed. I’m definitely in alignment with that.

But along with the many revelations and data presented by Jim Fetzer and the others, there are also comments by a couple about “liberal (Obama) so and so agenda”, and “this person (Obama, _______ (fill in)) should be strung up”, and “the executive order (by Obama, probably) approving transgender bathrooms in all buildings” should be thrown out (if there is such an executive order), and “Gays (Muslims, immigrants, Californians, Hollywood people, take your pick) are all misguided and terrible and bad”, and “We need to come back to the ‘Methodist Church morals’ this country was built on”, and stuff like that (much of which I consider, “crap”). Many of these, to my view, are overreactions to what has been happening for the last several years, and are…

…still playing the duality game.

This whole deal about Republican-Democrat, conservative-liberal, moral-immoral, etc., is so divisive, and is so beside the main point of why we are here, which is, in my view, to help liberate this planet from the human condition, and help it to rise up (Ascend) in consciousness.

Hanging onto concepts like “I’m a Democrat (dammit)” or “I’m a conservative (dammit)” or “I’m an American (dammit)” or “I’m a [country]-an (dammit)” (often followed by “and that’s what I’ll always be (dammit)”), do not serve this planet anymore, in my view.

Old, old paradigm.
I am not into that.

I have never looked at myself, nor labelled myself, as “Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal, American, Andromedan, Pleiadean” or anything like that. And I will likely never do so. Ain’t my way. I will make it clear:

I am a
“in Unity with all Creation”
kind of BEing.

So, I am just glad to say my piece about that one-week-ago “the sky fell and the world caved in” event. I see that as one grand (shock) event on this wonderful “Mr. Toad’s Wild World of Rides” Ascension process we all signed up for.

Hold on to your hats… it’s gonna get wilder (and in my view, a lot more fun!).

Aloha, Kp

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I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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