Futurist Trendcast 11-4-16… “Lada Ray’s Final US Election Predictions (Addendum TO ESR16: US Elections and What Will Happen After)”

lada_ray_esr16_logo_240This post will be published at the beginning of the day on 11-9-16, at 1:11 HST, the day after the actual US elections. 11-9-2016 = 29 = 11… a 11 day. So the posting is at a “11111” time. To me, this represents “New beginning… Big time”.

I listened to both of the addenda videos she’s posted (one for a donation), including the original ESR16, and found them all very illuminating. Particularly in regard to who Donald Trump compares to in the Soviet Union when it was dismantled, as well as Barack Obama. In Part 2, she compares the Quantum Calibration ratings of Trump and Putin.

Something inside me felt this should be displayed on the Kp blog after the US election had finished. I do not know if I’ll post any more elections things, but we shall wait and see.


Lada Ray’s Final US Election Predictions (Addendum TO ESR16: US Elections and What Will Happen After)

As a treat for Lada Ray’s FuturisTrendcast and Earth Shift Report followers and YouTube fans, we have prepared a very special ADDENDUM TO EARTH SHIFT REPORT 16, LADA RAY’S FINAL US ELECTION PREDICTIONS!

In it we talk about Lada Ray’s finalized predictions on who will win US Elections, whether there will be violence, whether elections will be falsified, whether Obama will cancel elections, and whether there will be a false flag attack, as FBI has announced. What kind of president will Trump be and will he be able to ‘make America great again?’ Is Trump the ‘American Yeltsin,’ or is he more like Putin? What’s his real role? Is the US following in the footsteps of the USSR on the road to collapse? Finally, Lada’s preliminary timeline and predictions for the USA’s future.

Part 1 – 27 min (also available FREE on YouTube)

Part 2 – 38 min (exclusively donation-based)

If you ordered ESR16 previously, you don’t need to order again – just go to your previously bookmarked report page. Full instructions are in New Hoax about Putin and Russia Dispelled by Lada Ray! (scroll down to ANNOUNCEMENTS).

If you haven’t, order COMPLETE (with ADDENDUM)



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 MP3 for ADDENDUM PART 2 will be posted on ESR16 report page on Sunday, Nov. 6!

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