Two meditations for “Lifting the US Election” (11-6-16 and 11-7-16)

meditation_lady_1These two meditations came to me in the last couple days, one from James Twyman, and the other one via G. I don’y know the link for the second one, but I pass along the text.

The first, from James Twyman, was for today, November 6, but I suggest for those who wish to participate, to step out of linear time and do it anyway. The second one is for tomorrow, November 7.

Published on Oct 14, 2016
Join millions of people on Nov. 6th at 7PM NY time for a synchronized meditation to lift the energy of the upcoming presidential election. THIS IS THE MOST POSITIVE THING YOU CAN DO! Please share with everyone you know.

NY Times bestselling author James Twyman will focus the vigil from the Celebrate Your Life Conference in Scottsdale, Az. Join him and many other spiritual luminaries there live, or go to to get complete information.

We are not endorsing or condemning any candidate, but simply calling for a massive movement to bring a positive energy back to the election. PLEASE JOIN US!

Meditation for November 7, 2016, 9PM EDT (6PM Pacific, 4PM HST)
Join in a Non-Partisan MEDITATION for America’s 2016 Elections

The details and meditation are below.

In Shared Service,
Maryann and the IFGT Staff

Nothing is more indicative of a level of consciousness than love. And the effectiveness of a group’s service activities is directly proportional to the amount of love that exists between the group’s members.
Helena Roerich

Join Us in a Non-Partisan MEDITATION for America’s 2016 Elections

No matter what your political views may be, we all want the highest and best good for America. Join us in a meditation designed specifically for that purpose. As spiritual people, we know that, together, we are a powerful force for good in the world. If you are unable to join us at the appointed time, you may conduct your meditation at whatever time is convenient for you. You may even use this meditation daily until the elections.

Take a deep breath. As you release it, relax your physical body. Pay conscious attention to your feet, legs, arms, the lower abdomen, stomach and diaphragm. Let your breath flow easily and naturally.

Relax the chest, throat, jaws and the base of the tongue. Relax the ears, scalp, and the muscles behind the eyes. Allow a feeling of well-being to pervade the entire physical body.
Take another deep breath. As you release it, relax your emotions. Imagine the emotions as a quiet pool of water. Calm the surface of that water until it is smooth and glassy, perfectly still. Now it can reflect the sunlight of your mind. Direct your emotions to be at peace.
Take another deep breath. As you release it, become mentally awake and alert. Drop the concerns of the day. Become clear and focused, internally self-directed, giving your whole attention to this work.
Focus your attention in the area of the forehead, easily and without tension or strain. Know that you are the creator of your body, emotions and mind. As that creator, focus your will and integrate them into one unit, a coordinated vehicle through which your Higher-Self can work.
Now choose the place within your integrated body that seems most appropriate. You may remain in the forehead, or choose the heart, or the very center of the head. Take a moment and gently move your consciousness into the place you have chosen.
Within this place, you should be the most aware, the most “real.” It is from here that your meditations will take place. Allow yourself to magnetically sense your field of being in this place.
As you take your place within this magnetic field, know that from this focus you are the most receptive to your Higher-Self. Via your love and aspiration, direct your attention to your Higher-Self and know that you are aligned and receptive via the substance of your thought. Hold, gently receptive to your Higher-Self.
Now imagine all your sisters and brothers doing the same. As you do so, sense the movement of a vast group focus, standing steady, receptive to their Higher-Selves, and poised to work together.
As a Group, realize that your Higher Self is a part of an even greater focus of Purpose, Wisdom, and Love. As a group, sense the presence of that Great Cosmic Love, which sustains all life, that love which is all wisdom, that great life which is above form as we know it, that life that is beyond time.
Now within this Great Life, sense an ageless pulse, a breath, the heartbeat of the universe. Without moving from your place of focus, sense the Purpose, Wisdom and Love moving through the universe, the body of the planet, the life of Humanity, and through that poised, meditating group of which you are a part.
Know that you are connected heart to heart, soul to soul, with all those who join with us for the highest and best outcome of the 2016 U.S. elections. Affirm the fact of our connectedness knowing that your inner voice is one of many adding to this intonation.
See the election process proceeding fairly, impartially, honestly and justly.
Now align with the heart and soul of America. See our electorate infused with wisdom and love, bringing greater understanding and purpose to this election in order to vote for the highest, most positive outcome for America and humanity. Visualize that no matter the results, Americans will come together with love for one another and their most positive vision for America’s future and opportunities for each of its citizens.
Now imagine this vast network, of which you are a part, directing higher purpose, love and wisdom to each of our citizenry guiding them toward a happier, healthier, more loving future.
Take a deep breath and gently relax your attention. With a greater sense of connection, commitment and service, slowly return to your normal focus.

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