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three_city_states_1[Kp note about the Kingdom of Hawai’i: the Kingdom, although many here see it as having been stolen by the US, and is perceived by most as “STATE OF HAWAII”, as “belonging” to the US (namely, USA CORP), according to this video information, it is actually owned by “The Crown”, centered in the City of London. So even though the “British” gave back the Kingdom (in approx. 1843) after the British military confiscated it, it is still technically owned by “The Crown”. “Crown” owns USA CORP, which owns STATE OF HAWAII CORP. (looking at it from a strictly financial kind of way.]

Remember, as far as “history from traditional ‘history books'” goes… (play the clip below)…

This is the video that’s linked at the end of Preston James’ last article. I found it a nice, short summary of the three city states, and how they came to be. Very concisely and clearly describes what this “3 city-state” deal is all about.

Well, this is not exactly the same video, but I chose this one that is 3 minutes longer, since, at 6:37 it has an added presentation (music-backed) of the Illuminati bloodlines (some may wish to turn volume off at that point).

It looks like the video was snipped from a longer program. The resolution is VERY low, but you can get the idea. I found it very educational. I have added the notes from the original video Preston linked, as there are a number of links that provide more information, for those who want to investigate.

Published on May 10, 2013
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3 City States that control the whole world, and their rolls:

City of London – FINANCE: Receives taxes from their subjects (slaves) in Canada and the United States. They design and control our financial and banking systems.

Vatican City – RELIGION: The Pope wants to merge all the religions into one, which is absolute nonsense. The Pope broke off from the truth (confusingly referred to as The ‘Eastern Church’ or ‘Eastern Orthodox Church’ or ‘Orthodox Church’ or ‘Orthodox’) about 1000 years ago.

Washington DC – MILITARY: Death camps and stacks of black plastic coffins that can hold six to ten bodies each, are piled high in a long train-like fashion, as far as the eye can see, in the United States, today.

These three are sovereign, corporate entities that are not part of the countries they are located in. They have their own laws, and identities, as indicated by their respective flags

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The “CITY” in London

The “City”, also known as the “square mile” an area of 677 hectares in London is just like the Vatican City in Rome their own state. The City-State, pays no tax, has its own courts, its own laws, their own flag, their own private police at about 2,000 men, and a night population that underestimates 9000 inhabitants.

Here are the Bank of England, a privately owned institution which is not subject to regulation by the British Parliament, and in fact is a sovereign world power. Moreover, Lloyds of London (insurance), London Stock Exchange (stock exchange) Fleet Streets newspapers and publishing, offices in all British banks, offices in 385 foreign banks, and 70 U.S. banks.

Internationally they use the “Crown Princess” as a symbol of power but the real power belongs to the bankers and not the royal house. It is very difficult to gain an insight into the persons who effectively control the Bank of England. A name that leaked is Rothschild.

The “City of London” is an economic entity which is legally separate from England and in control of all lawyers and banks across the world – including the Federal Reserve in the USA! The “City” is also the English seat of the world’s Freemasonry with the United Grand Lodge of England as the center…

Washington, District of Columbia

The flag of the Washington District of Columbia has three red stars. One for each city state in the empire. This empire rule the world economically through London’s “City”, militarily by the District of Columbia, and spiritually by the Vatican. The Constitution for the District of Columbia operates under a tyrannical Roman law known as the lex fori and has no similarities to the U.S. Constitution…

The Vatican in Rome

Vatican’s assets include massive investments by Rothschild in the UK, France and the U.S., billions of shares in oil and weapons companies like Shell and General Electric, Bethlehem Steel. The Vatican is the world’s largest owner of private property and its gold reserves are stored by the Bank of England and the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank…


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