I HAVE MY DOUBTS about… the (in-) Famous “Benenson ‘Salvage Program’ Report” that recommends “False Flag Alien Invasion to save Clinton Campaign”


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[Kp note: want to skip to my summary? Here it is: “Overall, I cannot put any “faith” in this report. To me, it is a flash in someone else’s pan. Not mine.”]

This thing has been flying around the internet tubes recently, and posted by several people. I am not even going to post the document. Here’s a link to download the pdf. The image above is from the top of page 1 of that document.

Well, this one has had a circuitous journey, at least as it “popped” into my awareness. Here’s how it went:

  1. Someone sent me this link: https://americankabuki.blogspot.com/2016/10/alien-false-flag-option-benenson.html
  2. I looked through that page and found this link to Oliver Troll’s blog: http://www.i-uvsweden.com/i-oliver-blog/-last-card-to-play-is-the-alien-invasion
  3. Oliver’s page had a link to this pdf of a supposed Benenson Strategy Group report, entitled “SALVAGE PROGRAM” (Exopolitics also had this link to the report)
  4. Somewhere after this I noticed Dr. Salla had posted this article at Exopolitics.org (and that’s where part of my title came from).
  5. The above article said it had started out as a post on BeforeItsNews (a note: I believe anyone can have an account there; it’s a “repeater” site; you post something on your own blog, and it automatically “repeats it” to BeforeItsNews… if you have an account there) (here’s a link to the KP BFIN page).
  6. Anyway, I then went to Benenson Strategy Group’s website, http://www.bsgco.com/, and that’s when I noticed the BSG logo on the website was NOT the same as the logo on the report.
  7. Doubts about this report arose in my mind.
  8. Went to https://web.archive.org/web/ and looked up http://www.bsgco.com/, and looked at their logos over the past 5 years.

Alright, I’m not doing an advanced analysis or anything like that. But take a look at the BSG logo in the report (image at top). Now, take a look at the current BSG logo:


2016 BSG logo (used after 5-5-14)

Quite a difference. Now look at prior logos (from ~2014 and 2012):


2014 BSG logo (used prior to 5-5-14)


2012 BSG logo (used prior to 10-6-12)

So the 2012 logo is the one that’s used in this report. A 2012 logo is used in a “supposedly from 2016” BSG report (for the Clinton Foundation, no less) (note: the report pdf metadata says it was created on 10-18-16 (open the pdf, click File, Properties, and you’ll see the date)).

Doubt 1: Why would anyone use a 2012 logo in a 2016 report? Especially if it is from a highly professional company with high end clientele (link to clientele), and surely they must prepare numerous professional reports each year. Makes no sense to me.

Doubt 2: The address shown on the report is 1000 Potomac Street, Washington, D.C. 20007. However, BSG’s website has the address as, “1901 Pennsylvania Ave NW Suite 1000 Washington, DC 20006”. There is one FB page that does have that “1000 Potomac Street” address, but there is no website listed. The (apparently) official BSG FB page, has the website listed.

Doubt 3: The report itself seems to read very pro-Trump. One header even states, “Trump Voters are Virtually Unstoppable”.

Doubt 4: So where did it really come from anyway? Being posted at BeforeItsNews tells you nothing. Anyone who has an account with BeforeItsNews could have posted it. How can you tell it’s from “Anonymous”?

“Overall, I cannot put any “faith” in this report. To me, it is a flash in someone else’s pan. Not mine.”

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