Two 9-28-16 VTs about the “9-11 (victims can sue the Saudis) Bill” (with slightly different viewpoints)

veterans_today_banner_new_307This bill seems to be a major step in the opening of the “real truth about 9-11” window. I’m not quite sure if Jim Dean likes the veto move by the Senate or not. Mike Harris clearly does, and it seems to me to be a major event. Open those windows, baby!

Finally, A Bit Of Progress Towards Justice For The 9-11 False Flag (Mike Harris)

“Here is my interview from earlier today on Press TV, it appears that the lawsuit from the families of the direct 9-11 victims will be allowed to proceed. There are millions of in-direct victims of the 9-11 False Flag attack. As everyone understands, the time for the government issued 9-11 fairy tale is over. It is past time to bring justice to the true perpetrators who are to this day walking free.

“The American people know we have been lied to, not just about the official 9-11 fairy tale, but about the purpose of the wars we have been involved in. There never were any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq… The Saudis are threatening to withdraw $750 Billion dollars from the USA economy, I say let them!! The House of Saud will not last 15 minutes without the USA propping them up.

“It is time to hold the Saudi’s accountable for there role in spreading the Wahhabi blasphemy through out the entire world, which is the source of all radical Islamic terrorism. The Israeli’s need to be held accountable for their role in 9-11 as well. We know what you did, do not think you have fooled us.”

US Senate unanimously overrides Obama’s veto of 9/11 bill (GPD, with intro. by Jim Dean)

[Jim Dean] “By opening up Saudi Arabia for these lawsuits, the Senate has now opened the doors wide open for endless lawsuits against the US for its aiding and abetting terrorism, with a victim count running far beyond our 9-11 numbers. The Senate has done their own version of “Attack On America” with this stupidity… The US would dismiss all such claims against it with sovereign immunity and telling those pleading their claims to take the Saudi example and stick it up their behinds, that we are Americans and the double standard is our “exceptional right”.

“The Senate incompetence, cowardice, and ignoring the flagrantly phony 9-11 commission report was an abandonment of their posts, in terms of their oath of office. They just ran away when the chips were down and left the 9-11 perps not only out walking around, but sleeping well at night, knowing they have nothing to fear from America’s political, legal or law enforcement institutions.

“The US Senate has unanimously voted to override President Barack Obama’s veto of a bill that allows victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks to seek reparations from Saudi Arabia… the lawmakers voted 97-1 in favor of the “Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA),” which was vetoed by Obama last week…

““If the Saudis did nothing wrong, they should not fear this legislation. If they were culpable in 9/11, they should be held accountable,” Schumer said shortly after Obama’s veto. US presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton said they would have signed the bill into law. Trump, the Republican nominee, has denounced the veto as “shameful.””

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