From the 9-21-16 Ian Greenhalgh VT article… “A few more highlights” (and “Who’s this Dr. Les Sachs person?”)

I read through this entire deal, and found a few more highlights which I present in this update. I am not including highlights from the individual parts in the headings “A B & C” (towards the end), but include the titles of those sections, in case you wish to read more.

Also, this is not a personal “passing of judgement” on Edward Snowden, or anything that has been released via his efforts. Whether his released information is “tainted because he is a CIA asset” or not, certainly much of it has “waked people up” to much of what has been going on behind their backs.

However, from other data I’ve recently (meaning, during the past 24 hours) looked into, I am convinced that both the “Assange/WikiLeaks” and the “Snowden/Greenwald/Guardian” affairs are CIA “limited hangouts“. More on that later.

As I now understand, it appears this was actually written by Dr Les (Leszek – Leslie) Sachs. Here is a bit from his bio…

“Polish and EU citizen living in the EU capital, Brussels, Belgium – Writer and scholar, Harvard classmate of top US leaders who became leading dissident writer on US regime judicial corruption and media control crimes, and was forced to flee death threats and extortion in USA. Millions were spent to attack, threaten, and tell lies about me, while US web search engines illegally erase my websites from search results.

“At Harvard and in university days, many times I rejected the opportunity to become one of the wealthy, high US elites oppressing their own citizens and the world. Instead, I followed my spiritual instincts to be someone active in fighting corruption, and supporting and helping victims and the common people of this planet. My willingness to oppose criminal psychopaths is something for which I have paid a heavy price.”

Russia Govt. Report: Snowden, Greenwald are CIA frauds
(Kp blog post link)

Additional highlights (Kp’s)

It showed the great strength of the Russian Federation, allowing Snowden to stay in Russia, despite seeing he is a major security threat to the Russian state. There were indeed benefits to Russia, Europe and the world, by allowing this CIA ‘Operation Fake Dissident’ to run its course for a while, this evil game starring the CIA agent, liar and actor Edward Snowden, this tragic betrayer of the trust of tens of millions of people.

It was amusing recently that Russia’s great President Putin, spoke with Snowden to his face, before Snowden is due for a round of intense questioning about his lies and criminal activity. We saw Snowden’s smirking ‘duping delight’, the giveaway facial signs of a liar, believing he is successfully deceiving all of his listeners.

…with our recent test and demonstration, in which Snowden and Assange proved themselves, beyond any doubt, to be classic CIA devious liars, the time is now ripe for that CIA laughter to turn to humiliation – and to save human lives, in Ukraine and around the world, by exposing this CIA-led global media fraud.

In recent weeks, as a result of our test of them, we have seen the ice-cold, murdering nature of both Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. Snowden and Assange do not care at all that their media partners have helped murder innocent people, are helping to spill innocent blood now, are helping to silence and destroy real US dissidents who are not CIA agents like them.

The Snowden web of lies is rapidly unravelling, and we see the US regime already planting media about a ‘deal’ to ‘bring Snowden home’ to his fellow CIA agents, and the US may desperately accelerate these efforts as this report is published.

Perhaps this CIA agent, actor and liar Snowden, will himself consider admitting the whole lying nature of his criminal scheme with his CIA media team, in preference to many years in a Russian prison. Before Snowden is released back to the US and CIA, the world will be a much better place if ‘Operation Fake Dissident Snowden’, is thoroughly exposed and publicised.

It is understood that the handling and possible Russian criminal prosecution of Snowden, needs to be handled methodically and in light of many international considerations.

The truth needs its best time and place for presentation, so that those hearing the truth and in need of it, can realise what indeed is true, and how badly the evil ones have lied to them. But it is perhaps at least now time to promptly warn Mr Snowden, that he must immediately stop spreading his smirking lies for his CIA media partners…

The public cracking of the CIA-Snowden deception, will do much good for the world, helping all Europe to see how they are continual targets of CIA lying via CIA media, in Ukraine, in the Middle East, as much as in ‘Operation Fake Dissident Snowden’.

Ironically, as I told Edward Snowden himself, there is risk to him when he is allowed back to join his CIA colleagues, precisely because he is a CIA fraud – the US will be greatly tempted to arrange some ‘accident’ with him, precisely because he knows far too much about the CIA’s ‘Operation Fake Dissident Snowden’.

Russia’s actions make me proud to be a Slav. As a Polish citizen, I am sorry that Poland has a government so foolishly supporting the US machine of war and de-stabilisation in Europe.

In any case this report will serve as a useful summary, of the core enabler of US-Nato terrorist and war-making activity, funded by many tens of billions of CIA-backed dollars: The CIA’s propaganda, media, and internet content control programmes, whom CIA agent, liar and hoax Edward Snowden has been so desperately seeking to support, with his long CIA operation of lying from inside Russia.

Material below is organised under the following headings:

A. Psychology supporting CIA-Snowden fraud
B. CIA media control, US quest for global propaganda dominance
C. Evidencing the Snowden CIA fraud

[The continuation of this report, with headings 7 through 20, will shortly be available.]

Respectfully yours,
Dr Les (Leszek – Leslie) Sachs

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