A Kp note or two about Corey’s last (9-14-16) post… (or, “Let’s get personal about this ‘Contact thing'”)

160731_kp_kilauea_p1010160_crop_240_10These are a few additional comments (notes) I had revolving around this recent Kp blog posting of Corey Goode’s post. What I said in that is below.


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One note I will make here is that I feel it is very important to stay true to one’s “Higher (and/or Deeper) Innards” with all of this. I’m sure there are the “blissed out about Galactics and Disclosure” people who so want to see them and/or experience “contact” with them, that they end up creating their own “contact scenario” in their own minds. In my view, the bottom line is, “Stay grounded, and get real and stay real with one’s Self… Higher Self”.

Personally, I have not been contacted by the Blue Avians… ever (even though my favorite color has always been blue). I do feel I’ve had some type of contact with Andromedans as well as Pleiadeans. But that was my own sense of “contact”, which occurred in a way that “meant something” (whatever that means) to me. And me alone. But I do not try and copy other people’s “contact scenarios” and claim them as my own. Nor do I make any of these “Galactic Beings” into “gods” or try to make a religion out of them.

They are simply part of my family… my Cosmic Family.

For me the principle is this: “‘Contact’ and ‘Disclosure’ is very, very personal, very, very unique, and very, very much an ‘inside job’ for each person.”


A Kp note or two about Corey’s last (9-14-16) post

In addition to what I mentioned above, I have realized over my time in this “disclosure, channeled information, Galactic awareness, Cosmic contact” type of scenario (aka, “Cosmic Circus”), is that there have been different phases for myself at different times in my own personal “Cosmic awakening process”. I listened to various people share their channeled or other types of information about “the Galactics”, about various types of Galactics, various races of Galactics, that some were “pro-human-ascension”, some were “pro human slavery”, and so on. Some presented technical info (displaying photos, images, videos), some presented strictly channeled info. Some were highly “believable” (to me), and others were highly “out there”.

But I took it all in, and observed the reactions within myself to find out what assisted me personally, as I moved through my life.

I’ve seen moving flashing multi-colored points of light in the sky, had periods when I saw nothing, times when I saw and felt an “alternative presence” in the clouds, on various islands (Hawaiian Islands, Qoa (in Lake Titicaca)), in the wind, and in and around other things. I even saw ET faces in the floor of Kalalau Valley on Kauai.

All in all, I did not judge any of those “disclosures”. They all assisted me in the realization that…


…not just a mere human beibg, destined to work only towards my own personal spiritual growth and for that of other humans on this planet, and to remain isolated forever on this blue ball planet (that only now is finally getting it’s act together!).

Many have been a part of this. Mark Huber, Tara and Rama, Ashtar on the Road, Tolec, Steven Greer, George Noory, David Wilcock, and now… this Corey Goode guy. They have all presented pieces, aspects, views, of the complete Cosmic Scenario… for myself, at least.

All in all, to me, “disclosure”, “Galactic contact”, “Cosmic Awakening”, has been a very personal, and a very “meaningful to me” thing. And it has assisted me in understanding that…

[The Galactics] are simply part of my family… my Cosmic Family.


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