GaiaPortal 8-25-16 & 8-28-16… (or, “Keeping up with the GaiaPortals”)

gaiaportal_logo251That title sounds like a possible television show. Perhaps Rosalie or Justin would have an interest in starting that (or me)…

These two GaiaPortals came out during the “time away” journey. I’m posting them together and following with the last two, individually.

The first one appears to be about some type of male-female balancing, the “Princes” (Divine Masculine) making a (conscious) choice to gather with the “Princesses” (Divine Feminine).

The second I found one interpretation at AK’s site, but my sense is that the “Teleculicus” has something to do with “telecommunications”. Have fun with that one!

For those wanting more detailed interpretations, I suggest going to Rosalie Parker and/or Justin at SitsShow.


Princes gather where Princesses abide (8-25-16)

Princes gather where Princesses abide.

Balance is achieved with those of the Royal Light.

Masters of perception embrace the present.

Distal settings are uploaded.

Teleculicus comes before the grand Juries of Light (8-28-16)

Teleculicus comes before the grand Juries of Light.

Vibrational similarities are praised.

Sevens are contacted, as Galactics send their craft.

Andalusian Spirits calm the day.

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