Kp Message 8-7-16… “No Desire to Sleep”

150731_kp_mauna_kea_sun_P1010142_crop_150_93Tonight (as occasionally happens) I’ve tried to sleep and felt no push to even try to go through the “lie down and go straight to sleep” scenario. Ain’t workin’ right now, baby…

So I’m lying here letting words slide off my finger while lying (but not sleeping) sideways.

All these things that have come up to “be done” by me, are getting addressed. iPhone battery replaced ($9.99) (the battery had become a gas bag that pushed up the touch screen), current air bed leak sealed, new air bed (a Serta… 2 yr. warranty) soon to come… and a few more items have been done… Can’t recall what else.

I’m feeling a strong “encouragement” to energetically get off my okole and go somewhere off this island. To “work”… energetically, of course. And the details of the journey are clarifying. In my mind, at least. All I can say is, “It’s gonna be a joy… For sure.”

So we’ll see where that runs to.

There’s so many now, it seems, that are “dropping the weight” and “dropping the anchor” they’ve been carrying, so the next phase(s) may begin. Lots of old, non-serving to Higher Self (and Gaia Self) paradigms and stuff. I’m feeling it, for sure. Perhaps others are, too.

So let’s see where this goes. And I suggest enjoying the ride… the multi-waves-all-seeming-to-come-at-once ride we’re on right now!

Aloha, KP

About Kauilapele

I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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