Press TV 8-5-16… “The Debate – US Two-Party Dictatorship?” VIDEO

I’m not sure exactly how balanced this is, but I felt it was calling to be posted.

presstv_logo_6Published on Aug 5, 2016
Date: 5th August 2016
With the Republican and Democratic candidates standing to win people’s votes for November’s elections in the US, the Green Party has warned of “election fraud” in the country, which it says includes unfair ballot access laws to prevent independent candidates from taking part in the election process. Scott McLarty, the Green Party’s media coordinator, has said that the “democratic nomination process was rigged.” Is this the best US democracy can do in 2016? For Jill Stein & Gary Johnson, the respective 3rd party candidates, & their supporters, the 2-party dictatorship is unfair. Add to that the support corporate America bestows upon both parties. That & more in this debate.

Watch Live:

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