SphereBeingAlliance blog… Three Cosmic Disclosure Shows with William Tompkins (transcripts and images)

Naval Spacecraft drawn by William Tompkins

Naval spacecraft drawn by William Tompkins

Of all of the Cosmic Disclosures I’ve viewed thus far, these three really pulled me in and broadened the scope of this entire “Secret Space Program” scenario. I was absolutely fascinated by Mr. Tompkins’ story, and how he was directly involved in with the programs which were started back in WWII. Several others who read this blog have had similar “wow” reactions to these shows (and I’m hoping there will be some more with this man).

So I’m posting a link and a highlight from each (one of them is a bio). Have fun reading, and be sure to go to the originals to see all of the images (PS: personally I found it helpful to watch the bio first).

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Cosmic Disclosure: SSP Testimonials with William Tompkins (Season 5, Episode 10)

“William Tompkins: So I went to work, then, at Douglas, and I’m a draftsman for two weeks, and my Section Chief started through my background… So he puts me in this think tank, and there is where we get to the first think tank, okay, – was inside of Douglas in a walled-off area. And there’s 200 guys in it.

“And we investigate every aspect of extraterrestrial – military, commercial, whatever. And I was assigned to design for the Navy about 16, 18 different classes of US Navy battle group ships,which didn’t exist. “The larger ones were from 1 kilometer to 6 kilometers. These ships fly in space. They’re spacecraft carriers. I designed US Navy Spacecraft Carriers, which finally got built back in the late ’70s up in Utah, underneath the ground.

“And you’ve seen the pictures of US Navy spaceships – Solar Warden. So Solar Warden came out of a think tank inside of Engineering at Douglas. And a whole lot of other stuff came out.

“Now, no other country but Germany knew about the extraterrestrials. Nobody did. Now, as this starts to unveil the reality of what Germany was doing, it was like, the war is going to be over, period. They’re going to take the whole planet, and they could do it in five minutes. They even had trained a group of soldiers – an entire battalion of them – who were cloned. They had cloned a whole battle group of soldiers. They sent them out front, and they were killing the Russians unbelievably.”

Cosmic Disclosure: William Tompkins Bio (Season 5, Episode 11)

“…on weekends, the Navy allowed people to come on board and just walk around on the ships. So my dad took my brother and I down there. And I was really interested in the aircraft carrier. We had two of them at that time, and the “Lexington” and the “Saratoga” were both right there. That great big enormous aircraft carrier, 1,000 feet long – crazy – stood up like 11 stories high.

“And when you get up inside, it’s a big enormous hangar, and you wouldn’t believe the size of it. But the whole thing looked to me like it was a space vehicle that somebody had built. That’s the way I saw it. So I needed help for building the “Lexington” aircraft carrier.

“So I needed the radar. I needed a lot of other details of the five-inch guns, 20 millimeter, 40 millimeter, where all this stuff was, because, remember, at that time they were refitting every ship, almost, for battle conditions with the latest equipment that they could come up with. To get the radar, I would walk the flight deck and way up there on top of the tower next to the control center, there would be a shadow that would come down, and this shadow then gave me the opportunity to walk two ways of it, another two ways, and mark it down.

“And I could figure basically the shape and the size. And I was really good on being able mathematically to come up with what it was.”

Cosmic Disclosure: SSP Think Tank with William Tompkins (Season 5, Episode 11)


“David: What you’re seeing here is very corroborating information with what so many others have been telling us over time about this mystery of how do they keep this stuff secret. People say, “Oh, the government can’t keep a secret. They can’t even find a file in a file cabinet. How could they keep these things secret?”

“Well, Corey, when we’re hearing about the guy who ultimately becomes the Secretary of Defense and was the first Secretary of Defense in America, Forrestal – and even he – they don’t know who he’s really working for. They don’t know . . . Yeah, he’s the head of the Navy. He becomes the Secretary of Defense, but he mentioned this thing he called the “Alumni”. And when I hear that, I’m think “Illuminati”.

“Corey Goode: That’s a name that’s been used for them before in the military.

“David: Right. Tompkins also described that this guy, who supposedly is answering to this shadowy MJ-12 group, ended up getting murdered… that suggests that there is something nefarious going on… Tompkins clearly seems to have known about MJ-12, even though he didn’t want to say the name on camera. Why do you think people are so afraid of these guys, and what do you think happened to Forrestal?

“Corey: Well, Forrestal, it was reported in the smart glass pads, was one of the people that had been eliminated.”

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