Dinesh D’Souza… “Hillary’s America”, trailer (opens 7-22-16) VIDEO


[Pre-publish-Kp-note: I am not promoting any candidate or any party at this time. I only care to promote “The Awakening of Consciousness” for each and every person who reads these things… (especially my own!) (and for your info, I’ve voted I, D, and R, in my past years).]

As soon as I saw this trailer, I realized it was a mind blower-opener-expander… and I love anything that helps that happen in me. I do intend to see this in person. Here’s the movie link, with connections to buy tickets locally.


There is another video which YouTube presented that is a conversation between Dinesh D’Souza and Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks that I found very unveiling (particularly how Mr. Uygur continually tries to deflect questions about Hillary/Obama/Democrats/progressives and point it back onto Mr. D’Souza). Link: https://youtu.be/Js0onZLdOWE.

Now one of my readers emailed this to me, and I’m very grateful for that, and I hope he’s okay with my sharing his enthusiastic comments about this movie, because “tough noogies” if he’s not!

“[We] went this morning to see the movie “Hillary’s America”. I give it the highest possible thumbs up a movie can get. It is also the Movie that Hillary and the DNC hope you never get a chance to see. Especially the so-called minorities and the dumbed down young generation of today.

“All Trump would have to do to win this upcoming election is to buy all Democrats a free ticket to this movie and let conscious guide their way. Hillary Clinton is the most despicable, corrupt, mean, lying, manipulative, deceptive individual of the last two centuries, second only to her husband and the rest of the Democratic Party.

“When the people find out the true history of the Democratic Party, what is behind her and within her, she will go down the toilet with the rest of the sewage to where it all belongs. The handled is just waiting to be pulled.

“Just my humble thoughts. Every American needs to see this movie.”


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