“How much Turkey can you handle?” A Few Links and Highlights (about the coup attempt)…

turkey_flag_A_1turkey_from_google_maps_5There’s a whole series of posts analyzing and theorizing. So I put a few of them here, with a highlight or two… in approximately chronological order.

‘Turkey coup plotter’ Gulen: Failed uprising could have been ‘staged’ by Erdogan himself (RT 7-16-16)

” The preacher who has been accused by the Turkish government of trying to seize power in a military coup has hit back, appearing to accuse President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of conducting a deadly false flag operation, and comparing him to Hitler.

““There is a possibility that it could be a staged coup, by Mr Erdogan’s AKP Party, and it could be meant for further accusations, against the Gulenists and the military,” Fathullah Gulen, who is in exile in Pennsylvania, told the media Saturday.

“Gulen said that reprisals likely await those alleged to have plotted the coup, comparing Erdogan’s tactics to those used by Adolf Hitler to clear the political field in Germany in the 1930s, which turned it into a police state.”

Rift over US-based alleged coup leader, ‘muted’ response threaten to sour NATO-Turkey relations (RT 7-17-16)

” Washington has dismissed claims of US complicity in the Turkish coup attempt as “utterly false and harmful” after Ankara declared any state standing by US-based cleric Gulen an enemy, further straining relations between the West and the key NATO ally. Allegations of American involvement in the attempted military takeover in Turkey are groundless and have put a strain on relations between the two countries, US State Secretary John Kerry said while speaking to his Turkish counterpart, Mevlut Cavosoglu.

“Apart from the controversy over the cleric casting a shadow on US-Turkish relations, the broader implications of political turmoil in Turkey could put the country’s strategic role as a major ally in the US-led NATO block under question, Eland argues.

““NATO counts on Turkey as being an island of stability in that area but, of course, Turkey has been anything but recently with ISIS attacks, Kurdish rebellion, inflamed by Erdogan himself and, of course, you have all these refugees flowing in their tooth,” he pointed out.”

Turkey’s Breaking Point or Who’s To Blame in the “Coup Attempt” (Martin Berger, NEO, 7-17-16)

“The latest crisis in Turkey triggered by the so-called military coup attempt is not the first of its kind. Military coups have become a sort of tradition laid down first by the Young Turks, or even the Janissaries. One must note that the “Young Turk Revolution” in 1908 too began as a military coup. Turkish military elites were behind the military coups of May 1960, March 1971, and September 1980, appearing upon the political scene each time when there was a need to defend the gains of the Kemalist Republic. Back in 1997 it was the military elites that forced Turkish Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan to shift Turkish laws toward secularism.

“…everyone was likely aware that President Erdogan took leave from the capital to enjoy a sort of vacation, therefore any “revolutionary” attempt would have targeted his residence along with the government buildings in Ankara. However, according to Turkish media sources, those behind the coup failed to implement this essential step in seizing power.

“…one can come to the following conclusions: A failed military coup” was staged by Erdogan himself; We’ve witnessed Erdogan using his tricks once again, like the so-called “terrorist card”; The purpose of Erdogan’s move was an attempt to persuade the population of the country that there’s a need to revise the constitution to grant Turkey’s president virtually unlimited powers; Taking into account the active opposition to Erdogan’s dictatorial aspirations that has been posed by the army, it’s not surprising that its representatives (and not the higher command) were selected to play the role of organizers of this provocation; “Army’s fault” in the latest developments, of course, will be actively used by Erdogan for undermining the authority of the military command in demanding new additions to the country’s constitution that would fit his own interests.”

What’s Behind Turkish Officers’ Attempt to Stage a Coup? (Jim Dean, VT, 7-17-16)

[Jim Dean] “The coup was a sad comedy of errors, an attempt by a small group of officers with rank and file troops thinking they could take over the country with the 498,000 rest of the military not with them… now we will see Erdogan milk this failed fiasco to wipe out any vestiges of his political opposition…

“The EU, but not the US, was quick to warn Erdogan that using the coup to do this would kill any possible chance of Turkey’s being integrated into the EU as a phony democratic country. The almost instant move to fire all the judges and prosecutors had a strong smell of pre-planning to it, in effect a coup against Turkey itself.

[article] ““The Turkish society is split. Part of it supports President Erdogan who is carrying out a policy of Islamization. This is a neo-ottoman policy, a course of expansion to the regions that were part of the Ottoman Empire. For example, in Syria Erdogan supports Sunni groups fighting against Bashar Assad,” Dolgov told Gazeta.ru.

“However, many in Turkey oppose this course. Turkish opposition has repeatedly said that the government is mounting pressure on opposition activists and journalists. Many experts have said that Turkey is drifting from a republic towards an authoritarian presidency.”

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