“Holy Crap… there’s a lot going on”, Part 2: “Military Coup (or not coup?) in Turkey”… a few 7-15-16 articles

turkey_flag_A_1Well, I saw something about this earlier in the day. Several articles I’ve seen said a coup was attempted, but according to Veterans Today’s Gordon Duff, the latest news is that it was “collapsing”. Below are the few articles I looked at, and a couple highlights from each.

Military coup in Turkey (Live Updates from RT)

“Dozens of people have been killed in an attempted military coup in Turkey. Anti-Erdogan military seized government buildings, bombed the Parliament and took over media bureaus. However, thousands of people flooded onto the streets across Turkey as Erdogan vowed to respond.”

Military Aircraft Stop Flights Above Ankara as Coup Attempt Fails in Turkey (Sputnik News)

“Military aircraft have stopped flying above Ankara as relative calm emerged in the city following the failed attempted coup, a RIA Novosti correspondent reports. The intensity of fire exchanges at the parliament building is going down and no explosions have been heard in Ankara the past hour, according to the correspondent.”

Attempted Coup Brings Turkey Together, Unifies Gov’t, Opposition (Sputnik News)

“The attempted coup in Turkey has consolidated the country and made all major parties, including the opposition, unify in their goal to protect democracy, Zeynap Jane Kandur, Member of the Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) Istanbul Administration, told Sputnik.

“According to Kandur, people have come out into the streets to express opposition to the coup. “Everyone has gone out to the streets, they are claiming the country back. Turkey has had so many coups in the past 50 years, it simply cannot happen anymore. Turkey is not a place for the coup any more,” Kandur said.”

Coup Collapsing, Erdogan Returns to Istanbul (Gordon Duff, VT)

“We have suspected for some time that there was a great deal of discontent among the Turkish military due to the belligerent foreign policies and support of ISIS by Erdogan.

“In a strange course of events, the Islamist military…and opposition parties seem to have rallied behind Erdogan who is returning to Istanbul. We were told his plane just landed. As of this moment, the Coup as failed…this being 9pm Eastern Standard Time.”

Turkish Parliament Nuked During Coup Attempt (Ian Greenhalgh VT)

“All major media had reported a loud explosion in Ankara, the pictures show it was a nuclear blast.

“…we have discovered, thanks to vigilant VT reader Rob Sharp who spotted these videos and made the screenshots, that a tactical nuclear weapon was detonated at the Turkish parliament building in Ankara.

“…screen capture shows the typical pattern seen when a nuclear explosion is captured by a digital sensor; the second image below of the same explosion at an different stage shows an incredibly bright fireball, far too bright to be a conventional explosion of any sort.”

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