GaiaPortal 6-28-16… “Clandestine radiance is now recognized by hu-manity”

gaiaportal_logo235This just came out. A couple of notes on this one. Clandestine means (and I picked the definition that felt most appropriate to me), “Existing or operating in a way so as to ensure complete concealment and confidentiality“. Perhaps this implies the Light is coming quietly to each hu-being on this planet, so as not to “alarm” the shadow beings.

And “Feather principals”? Could this refer to our Angelic helpers? Or our Blue Avian beings? Principal means “a person who is first in importance or directs some event, action, organization, etc.” (note: it is not the word, principle).

For those wanting more detailed interpretations, I suggest going to Rosalie Parker and/or Justin at SitsShow.


Clandestine radiance is now recognized by hu-manity

Clandestine radiance is now recognized by hu-manity.

Feather principals are connected in purpose.

Forestations of Light unveil and display.

The messages refine.

Gaia purpose is restored.

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