A Couple More BREXITs (well, now it’s 3)… from John Pilger and Glenn Greenwald (and Michael Shrimpton) [HIGHLIGHTS ADDED]

BREXIT_plus_GB_map_6I’m just posting the titles and links here. I’ve read them, found them insightful. I have now highlighted some of each article. The bolded portions I feel apply equally to the Kingdom of Hawai’i.

A Blow for Peace and Democracy: Why the British Said No to Europe
(6-24-16, John Pilger, Counterpunch)

“Millions of ordinary people refused to be bullied, intimidated and dismissed with open contempt by their presumed betters in the major parties, the leaders of the business and banking oligarchy and the media. This was, in great part, a vote by those angered and demoralised by the sheer arrogance of the apologists for the “Remain” campaign and the dismemberment of a socially just civil life in Britain

The pith helmets may have long gone, but the blood has never dried. A nineteenth century contempt for countries and peoples, depending on their degree of colonial usefulness, remains a centrepiece of modern “globalisation”, with its perverse socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor…

“On the eve of the referendum, the quisling secretary-general of Nato, Jens Stoltenberg, warned Britons they would be endangering “peace and security” if they voted to leave the EU. The millions who ignored him and Cameron, Osborne, Corbyn, Obama and the man who runs the Bank of England may, just may, have struck a blow for real peace and democracy in Europe.”

Brexit Is Only the Latest Proof of the Insularity and Failure of Western Establishment Institutions
(6-25-16, Glenn Greenwald, theIntercept)

“The decision by U.K. voters to leave the EU is such a glaring repudiation of the wisdom and relevance of elite political and media institutions that — for once — their failures have become a prominent part of the storyline.

“…Tom Ewing, in a comprehensive Brexit explanation, said the same dynamic driving the U.K. vote prevails in Europe and North America as well: “the arrogance of neoliberal elites in constructing a politics designed to sideline and work around democracy while leaving democracy formally intact.”… Ian Jack’s article was headlined “In this Brexit vote, the poor turned on an elite who ignored them,” and he described how “gradually the sight of empty towns and shuttered shops became normalized or forgotten.”

“In sum, the West’s establishment credibility is dying, and its influence is precipitously eroding — all deservedly so. The frenetic pace of online media makes even the most recent events feel distant, like ancient history. That, in turn, makes it easy to lose sight of how many catastrophic and devastating failures Western elites have produced in a remarkably short period of time.

Corrupt elites always try to persuade people to continue to submit to their dominance in exchange for protection from forces that are even worse. That’s their game. But at some point, they themselves, and their prevailing order, become so destructive, so deceitful, so toxic, that their victims are willing to gamble that the alternatives will not be worse, or at least, they decide to embrace the satisfaction of spitting in the faces of those who have displayed nothing but contempt and condescension for them.

Shrimpton’s Brexit
(6-26-16, Michael Shrimpton, VT)

“The UK is coming OUT of the hated EU! Wonderful news, not just for us, but for the oppressed nations of Europe as well… we voted by a clear margin, 52% to 48%, on Thursday June 23rd – Independence Day – to come out of the EU. In a brilliant coup the UK national release of the second Independence Day movie was on Thursday as well… The Good Guys (that’s us) win again, and the aliens and their Evil Queen lose, the suckers.

“It is now clear that the cunning German plan was to assassinate Jo Cox in the cynical hope that they would swing young voters behind the flailing Leave campaign. The 1975/Danish ploy, of a bogus, non-binding ‘renegotiation’ was failing. Possibly knowing in advance that a telegenic young Remain MP was about to be murdered the Cabinet Office arranged for the voter registration deadline to be extended. Lots of young people who had forgotten to register signed up, as expected.”

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