Kp Message 6-20-16… “Title? Will there be one? (I guess not)”

150731_kp_mauna_kea_sun_P1010142_crop_150_77You know I had put a title on this and now I just took it off because I cannot “free flow” write when I’ve put a a pre-determined outcome in the title. And that is what I feel wants to come out right now… a “free flow”.

I’m seeing stuff being posted, with David Wilcock’s latest articles and people waking up all over the place, and things like that. There’s also other things I read/listen to/hear about which never make it to this blog. Then I also see things on FaceBook that pop in and then pop out.

I occasionally see things like “so and so is a psyops”, or “so and so is a CIA asset”, and so on. And recently I was surprised, in a way, to hear someone that I occasionally listen to (and sort of “trust”) say certain people I read (and post) a lot were a “psy op” type of thing.

So how did I respond internally to that? Well, I internally said:

Who the hell cares about what “they” say?” (and, “WTHGAS“*)

What’s important to me, at this moment, whenever anyone says / writes / comments anything, is how it resonates within me. If it “hits the mark” in me, there’s something there for me to learn, or to receive. So I receive it, and stay with it. Until it resonates no more.

Jeez, there’s people all over the place who “know”, “get”, “receive”, a lot of things. And then they give their takes on those things. But in the end it’s what hits my Higher Innards as “right on the mark” or “off the mark” that matters… to me.

I’ve been through lots of things, lots of “sort of ‘gurus'”. All temporary. Eventually I found that I did not need or want any guru things whatsoever. No worship. no fawning over, no wanting to go to bed with, no “this person is perfect all the time every time” kind of thing. None.

To me that’s the most “power-filled” (powerful) position I can take. And that’s where I am right now.

Aloha, Kp

[* Who the Hell gives a Shit]

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