WinnememWintu 7-6-15 (2015)… “Protecting Panther Meadows” [on Mt. Shasta]

panther_meadows_bing_map_1This relates closely to what was occurring on Mauna Kea at the same time last year. I also sense that it indicates that many people of native origin are not only waking up, but standing up for their sacred places.

When on an energy mission, I find that “tuning in” to “Higher Guidance” is essential. All the time I spent at Mt. Shasta (in 2013), I never felt drawn to set foot on Panther Meadow. I believe Guidance kept me away from that area. In any event, energy workers can always work in harmony with the stewards of the places they go.

Published on Jul 6, 2015
Panther Meadows, on Mt. Shasta is the sacred genesis place of the Winnemem Wintu people [FB page]. The US Forest Service has ignored numerous requests by our tribe and the Pit River tribe to close the meadow, due to its fragile ecology. We have led the efforts at restoration to bring the meadow back from years of overuse and ignorant treatment, but it has been an uphill battle. This weekend, with the possibility of many Rainbow people, who have been partying nearby, converging on the mountain, we decided to protect our sacred site. Here is one of many of the clueless, disrespectful people we have encountered.

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