A Preston (James) and an Ian (Greenhalgh) of VT, about 9-11 Exposures (5-24-16, 5-26-16)

veterans_today_banner_911_exposure_1These two are “sort of” related, in they are connected by the 9-11 event(s). Exposure and debunking of the “9-11 KM Perpetrators” and “9-11 Commission Report” idea that jet aircraft can fly at several hundred mph at low altitude and hit targets that way… even the professionals couldn’t do it with a (very strong structurally) B-52.

I put titles and a few highlights from each. [Kp note: in the Preston article, at the end, there are six links to videos which I found very unveiling and list several features about 9-11, which might be a quick way to introduce someone to what really happened. Particularly I liked this one.

Hanging on to what They’ve Got (Preston James, 5-24-16)
Exposure is now the 9-11-01 Perps’ biggest problem!

veterans_today_preston_james_banner_65“…like any tyrants in history, once they reach a level of almost total control over their targeted society they have infiltrated and hijacked, they tend to become fat, lazy, overly cocky and drift into incompetency… And as their various mechanisms designed to keep their illegitimate hijacking of America secret forever break down, they are now starting to becoming very, very nervous and fearful of being exposed and brought to justice and final judgment.

“Yes, the Select Few wrinkled up old KM Kingpins that control the KM Hierarchy in America, aka the US Establishment are now becoming quite concerned that their days of control are now being brought to an end. Their fears of ever being exposed and brought to justice have always led them to take extreme measures to prevent that, including generating major American civil strife and conflict and major, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual foreign wars for profit and to help attain their age-old Greater Israel KM Zionist plan.

“Right now the Khazarian Mafia and their phony City of London private central FIAT Banking System is under attack all over the world.

“These 9-11-01 Perps never expected to be exposed for what they did, but that is exactly what is now happening!

“It is now *indisputable that the preponderance of actual, hard evidence and testimonies of various Intel close by prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the PNACers, top NeoCons, Dual Citizens and other traitors in the US Administration, JCS, NORAD, and the FAA did 9-11-01 and have been working hard to keep it covered up forever.”

9-11 Debunked: Flight Testing Jet Bombers. A Boeing Wichita Story (Ian Greenhalgh, 5-26-16)
A B-52 breaks apart at 400 knots flying at 300 feet and a B-52 is a vastly stronger airframe than a 757

veterans_today_ian_greenhalgh_banner_5“The best test pilots in the US found out that the B-52 starts to fall apart at 400 knots when flown at a height of 300ft, so how did an unqualified novice pilot manage to fly a Boeing 757 into the Pentagon at that speed? A B-52 is a helluva lot stronger than a 757. Of course, we know the answer is that there was no plane flown into the Pentagon on 9-11.

“Most likely the missile [that hit the Pentagon] was fired from an Israeli Dolphin class submarine somewhere off the Eastern seaboard, the almost 1000 mile range of it’s cruise missiles means it could have been anywhere in a vast area of the North Atlantic.

[Jim Goodell, B52 test pilot] “As with the B-47 it was decided that it was going to be difficult if not impossible to penetrate Russia with the B-52 at high altitude. A low-level test program came into being for the B-52. The idea was to fly the B-52 at low level a lot, 300 ft. above the ground, to see how it did and fix anything that needed fixing.

“The first flights precipitated a lot of secondary structural failures. For example some of the skin on top of the horizontal stabilizer would occasionally peel off. It was found that the windshield got all bugged up so the pilots could not see out. I don’t think that problem was ever solved. After a time a primary structural failure occurred and an airplane was lost. A test airplane out of Seattle went down near Burns, Oregon.

“We pilots thought we could navigate by looking outside and referring to the map. It turned out to be impossible. Things went by too fast and at the low level there weren’t enough land marks visible. The airplanes navigation system run by the navigator was necessary.”

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