Kp Message 5-26-16… “Ever Wonder if…”

150731_kp_mauna_kea_sun_P1010142_crop_150_66The image below is a snip from today’s (5-26-16) home page… part of it, at least. I was looking at that page, and after seeing a couple titles like, “At least 3 killed, dozens injured in chemical plant blast in India“, and “Shooting at New York T.I. concert leaves 1 dead, at least 3 wounded“, and “‘Son’ of Russian oil-baron plays cat-and-mouse with police, broadcasts chase on Periscope“, I realized that I am not connected to that old-paradigm world anymore.

In fact, there’s times when I feel like I’m not here at all, anymore.


Front page of 5-26-16 (click to enlarge)

Yeah, I know it’s all “a dream”, an “illusion”, and all that stuff. But I used to try to live in that illusion, and view it as if it were me. Parts of that illusion were “fun” (working a job, sex, playing sports), parts were maybe not so fun (too much drinking, not getting promoted, marriage, divorce, crap and holy crap), but it still was all the illusion.

Now it seems I know it’s an illusion, but in the past I chose to be part of it, and now I’m choosing to be not be a part of it (still aware of it), instead being part of the solution to it, the moving out from it. Something like that…

So the “Ever wonder if” part of this is, do you ever wonder if you really are in that world, the old paradigm world, as it’s often portrayed, in news, on websites, etc., etc., etc.?

For me, the answer is very much a big “NO”. Ain’t my world anymore. That’s someone else’s game… not mine. I ain’t trying to be part of it, I ain’t pretending to be part of it, I ain’t playing along with it, and I ain’t payin’ attention to it!

Yes I’ll put a post or two up sometimes, about outer world things, but in the end, for myself at least, it’s all about paying attention to the “Inner World” stuff. And no matter where I’ve gone, how far I’ve gone, with whom I’ve gone, it is always about learning more about, finding out what to release from, and exploring the grandeur, of that “Inner World”.

Aloha Kp

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