“Throwing a Wrench” into the World of those who pay Income Taxes?… watch these videos…

irs_logo_NOT_3For myself, tax codes and so on is such a grand intellectual “mine field” that I usually avoid it. Yes, I have paid such taxes, in the past. But look at these videos (thanks to GD in the GCN (Great Canadian North)) and see if your mindset about such things remains the same.

Note that I am not recommending to anyone what to do at “tax time”. That is up to you.

At one point in my awakening, however, I do recall reading the codes and seeing that indeed, just as these videos show, the payment of federal income taxes (in the United States) was indeed, voluntary. And, on top of that, since most (all?) states who ask for state taxes, in their forms’ instructions, state something like, “If you are required to pay Federal income taxes, you are then required to pay state taxes”.

The second video is a clip from Aaron Russo’s documentary, From Freedom to Fascism (YouTube video… highly recommended!). (note: I’ve placed an MP4 video of this on my storage site. Here is the link: http://tinyurl.com/j4tcj97).

https://videopress.com/v/5S57Et9s (a similar YouTube is here, although with weak audio).


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