GaiaPortal 5-7-16… “Escarpments of Light impress from Gaia Higher forms”

gaiaportal_logo218Somehow missed this one, from two days ago. A couple of definitions might help here:

Escarpment: 1. A steep slope or long cliff that results from erosion or faulting and separates two relatively level areas of differing elevations. 2. A steep slope in front of a fortification.
Latitude: (Archaic) Width; breadth (yes, there are other definitions, but I feel this fits the message).
Entreat: 1. To make an earnest request of (someone). 2. To ask for earnestly; petition for

For those wanting more detailed interpretations, I suggest going to Rosalie Parker and/or Justin at SitsShow.


Escarpments of Light impress from Gaia Higher forms

Escarpments of Light impress from Gaia Higher forms.

Stereos of viewpoints are accepted and embraced.

Latitudes of Inner magnificence are traversed.

Monitors release.

Harmonies entreat.

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