A “Heads Up” about a David Wilcock-Drake interview from 2012 that’s being “internetted” as Current… (it is NOT)

[Update 1920 HST (0720 UTC): David emailed and said, Most of the information is just as relevant now as it was then. Plans haven’t changed that much.]

I’ve seen this video pop up in several places (here, here, here, here, here, here).

The video’s upload date is April 12, 2016, which implies the interview was in April, 2016. That is incorrect. The interview occurred 0n March 28, 2012. It appears this video has been recycled around and around and each time it is not noted that the interview occurred in March, 2012.

This has recently been “shown up” on the internet tubes, and the implication is that it is CURRENT… It is NOT. I feel people need to know when this interview really happened, in March, 2012.

Here is the Kp blog post where I posted these:


and a video:


So it’s wise to check these things out before assuming it is current.

Aloha, Kp

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