Neil Keenan Update, Breaking News 5-5-16… “Obama Out / Cabal Surrender / Currency Revaluation In Progress”

neil_keenan_group_k_header3_480_crop_17This showed up today. I’ve watched all four videos (first two are longer, the last two very short). Some of this is a validation of what Ben Fulford wrote in his latest report. Neil then adds his own information.

For myself, this information “resonates”, and I do feel the pieces are falling into place for the unveiling of a new paradigm for the New Earth.

See what your Higher Discernment has to say.


Obama Out / Cabal Surrender / Currency Revaluation In Progress

Neil Keenan and Group K have been working for the last 72 hours on formatting the release of some incredibly important information relating to recent developments of historical importance.

In the coming day we will provide a full preface to this post, along with edited video. In the interim, we have uploaded unedited video regarding this breaking news. This interim measure is not in any way ideal – but these developments are too important and must be publicized ASAP.

We are intending that the edited video and preface including facts and figures will be uploaded and online by 7pm Eastern Standard Time on May the 5th.

Neil Keenan and The Keenan Team

Video Part One

Video Part Two

Video Part Three

Video Part Four

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