Two Sputniks and a VT about “The Election”

veterans_today_banner_NEW_276sputnik_news_logo_204_18These are just three that I noted today about the US election process.

Ted Cruz Suspending Presidential Campaign Bid (Sputnik News 5-4-16)

“After suffering heavy losses in Indiana during Tuesday’s primary, Texas Senator Ted Cruz is dropping out the presidential race. Trailing Republican front-runner Donald Trump in the delegate count, Cruz has admitted defeat after winning only three counties in Indiana.

“Cruz had previously been relying on a contested convention in which Republican leaders would rally around him. With his win in Indiana, however, Trump is likely to earn enough delegates to win the nomination outright.”

Sanders Beats Clinton in Indiana Primary (Sputnik News 5-4-16)

“Senator Bernie Sanders won a surprise victory over US Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton in the primary election in the US state of Indiana, official results revealed.

“The trend came as a surprise since Clinton had won the previous six primary races against Sanders across northeastern US states by wide margins of usually 20 to 25 percent.

“…Sanders remains popular with his own supporters and continues to receive millions of dollars in small contributions from them, allowing him to carry on the contest to the California primary on June 7.”

America’s Elections, Cheap “Police State Theatre” (Gordon Duff VT 5-3-16)

[Jim Dean] “We have been suspicious of Trump since the beginning, because we read him as a “constructed” candidate from the word go. By that I mean he appeared to be a numero uno backed independent, when he was really a good pick for having an quietly backed ringer in such a poor field of Republican candidates… Clue number one came when some of his staff and advisers had to be made public and there were the NeoCon folks hedging their bet with “The Donald”, their not so dark horse independent Republican.

[GD] “Whether he knew it or not, and Trump is not the most “aware” person lapping at the trough, it is quite possible that organized crime, not just possible but very probable, has pushed this ego driven nut case into a failed run for the presidency to guarantee Hillary Clinton in the White House.

“What Trump is the anti-thesis of is Bernie Sanders, they are absolute and total opposites. Sanders, hated by many “Trumpites” as a “socialist Jew,” almost as bad as being a “Negro,” is the real deal.

“Sanders is the only candidate to address reform, killing off the police state, ending organized crime’s stranglehold on Congress and eliminating “Citizens United.” Everything is about Citizens United. Suffice to say money runs everything in the US — everyone is for sale.”

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