Interview de Tolec du Conseil d’Andromède. Part 1/2 (23/04/2016)

Tolec mentioned this on his website, writing, ” I/Tolec have just been interviewed by a very gentile, intelligent & highly inquisitive woman from France, Christine Light, who is quite ‘awakened’. She will be posting [has posted] our conversation sometime within the next few days on her YouTube channel: Awakening & Evolution…”

Published on Apr 25, 2016
French :
Tolec est un contacté de longue date. Originaire de la Planète DAKOTE, dans la constellation des Pléiades.
Tolec nous parle de ses contacts avec Le Conseil d’Andromède ainsi que sa composition.
Nous allons également beaucoup parler d’Evolution (ou Ascension), avec tout ce que cela implique.
Bien sûr le passage en 4D et 5D sera largement évoqué.
En raison de la longueur de la vidéo, ainsi que du temps nécessaire à sa réalisation, la partie 2 sera postée d’ici un mois lors d’une nouvelles interview.

English :
Tolec is a long time Contactee. His higher soul is native to the Planet DAKOTE, in the constellation of Pleiades.
Tolec speaks about his contacts with The Council of Andromède as well as its composition.
We are also going to speak also about Evolution (or Ascension/shift), with all that it involves.
Of course the shift to 4D and 5D will be widely discussed.
Because of the length of the video, as well as the time required for its realization, the part 2 will be posted within a month during a new interview.

Tolec’s Events : [Greater Phoenix, AZ]

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