Java on the Rock is closing (Transitioning) at the end of April, 2016…


The Java on the Rock mocha

I had resisted mentioned anything on the blog about Java on the Rock closing, until I was sure it was really going to happen. Their last day of operation is 4-30-16.

Actually, they are moving to another location, probably where Lava Java is currently (they are moving to a nearby building). It’s across the street from where the cafe is currently. As I understand it, the owners of the property (Huggo’s) terminated their lease. They had been there since 1999, the year I arrived in Kona.

Java on the Rock has been a very important and healing place for me for the past several years, and an important part of this blog. Although they will be opening in another location nearby, it will never be quite the same here in Kona without them at their oceanside spot.

Below is an email message about this sent by Andrea and Bruce. Below that are a few photos that have appeared on this blog from Java, and gives a flavor for the pleasant and joy-filled memories we have had there.

A New Location for Java on the Rock

The breaking news for Java on the Rock is that our lease will not continue beyond the end of April. We are looking at options for a new location, primarily the current Lava Java location. That business is moving around the same time that we need a location. We are in the process of securing investor financing and are halfway there. We are looking for additional investors.

If you have an interest in partnering up with Java on the Rock contact Bruce Cadwell at 808-345-8525 or

Java on the Rock has become a second home in Kona for locals and visitors alike over the past 16 years since we opened. Our beloved paddlers are now occupying up to three tables on weekly gatherings. There are children of locals, visitors and triathletes who have grown up hanging out at the cafe with their parents. What a great way to learn social skills! We have appreciated our longtime locals and visitors letting us know how special this place is to them. We are doing our best to keep it going!



Big Waves at Java on the Rock


Gordana, Andrea (one of the proprietors of Java), and Tom


Anthony and Stephen from Australia


Crystal waters at Java on the Rock

img 0732

Kp with Blossom Goodchild (from Australia)


Anna and Inger from Sweden (and Kp, from here)

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