Rob Potter (Victory of the Light Radio) interview of Corey Goode, Pt 1 … 4-7-16 AUDIO player and TRANSCRIPT (partial)

the_promise_revealed_header_A_18corey_goode_fb_profile_blue_avian_150_1I’m listening to this right now, and I feel that Corey and Rob’s connection will be very important in the future, as we go through the PDP (Planetary Disclosure Process). Each time Corey is interviewed, a wider variety of disclosure aspects are unveiled.

In this post, I’m posting the MixCloud audio player, a link to it, Rob’s complete introduction text, and about 25% of the transcript. You may go to The Promise Revealed to view the rest.

Here is a link to Rob’s 2016 Mt. Shasta conference, July 29-31.


Rob Potter and VOL with Corey Goode and the Blue Avians Part 1…04-07-2016

Dear Promise Friends and Family,

I have followed Corey’s information for some time and I have been completely fascinated. In the beginning the context and the information was disturbing to me in that the gist of his revelations and the tone of his narrative has been all of the ET groups are at each others throats. He was indicating the ICC and SSP groups were in complex hostile we vs. them type scenarios with almost everyone and they we always fighting against each other.

It seemed they were all competing and vying for the upper hand. It seemed all of them had agendas of not so nice intentions towards the earth populace. They are vey materialistic and have no concerned for the earth populations or that the technology they were receiving and trading for was the result of slavery manipulation and even murder.

Clearly they are aware of the hostile agenda run by the earth minions of the Draco Cabal or Syndicate Alliance. In Corey’s early narrative it seemed that none of the 40 super federation guys were positive. I was mistaken as since then I have talked to Corey several times and have gotten a clearer picture.

Obviously we can view the Sphere Beings as being positive but I was at first concerned that Corey may have been used to promote they are all bad and only the Sphere beings can save us or control the earths quagmire and quarantine situation. This may be true to a certain extent however the rabbit hole is deep even for those in this field for decades.

My experience and information from many other contactees is that there are many positive and spiritually advanced groups who have a great deal of love and compassion for us down here and they hear our prayers and are moved to help us. They are involved in the Super Federation Alliance of 40 as Corey has stated.

Corey even related information from the glass pads that challenged my views on certain things. I have not completely agreed with all of these glass pads Intel views or information still to this day. Corey has not declared these are exactly true as these are reports from the SSP. They SSP can be easily misled by some of these inter dimensional beings in my view.

To mislead the SSP would be child’s play for certain benevolent ET groups from my understanding and the SSP glass pads could be wrong. Corey acknowledges the glass pads could be wrong in one of our interviews. I certainly do not blame Corey for reporting these things. I am aware that many of my preconceived ideas may be wrong and it will be difficult to swallow the pill of complete chaos and a lack of honesty and compassion is the only thing out there. However I am not yet ready to acquiesce to some of his Intel about my experiences just yet. I will leave the details off the table as personal for now.

When Corey mentioned this I told him go ahead do not hold back and bust peoples bubble with the truth, as you understand it. We must all be more flexible in our pre-conceived beliefs. I agree with Corey we must permeable in our reality awareness.

I had not seen all of Corey’s Gaia shows until just before this interview I watched every single one to be prepared to talk to Corey about this. A much broader picture of information is becoming clear to me. Through my approximately 6 hours of private conversation with Corey before the interview over the last 7 months or so I have come to a great deal of respect for this man.

First of all he is humble he is sincere and I detect no agenda or manipulation from him in his intent or in his actions. In fact he is going through a learning process as well. He is obviously advanced in his experience and a super intuitive empath with 20 years in the SSP to accelerate his learning as his experiences grow.

I will ask Corey to correct me if I am wrong but I am sure he is given no details no situational info on where he is going or who he is meeting when he is picked up in the sphere portals that transport him. He is like a newborn fawn in a way and has only his wits and inner integrity to deal with each encounter that he has in his journeys as the chosen delegate. He has handled himself admirably from my view of his reports.

This puts him at somewhat of a disadvantage in regards to the SSP “good guys” who want to get full disclosure out ASAP and protect themselves at the same time. The SSP good guys rather have Gonzales who will give them actionable Intel to allow the superior position over all ET groups.

It seems to the SSP that all ETS are hostile and dangerous and the SSP is very defensive. Rightly so from their perspective but I feel time will alter this viewpoint they have as they begin to grow in wisdom and understanding of universal laws and have more experiences and understanding of the quarantine and the intentions of the super federation 40.

Corey in my opinion is acting as our reporter. He is for everyman and he is like an impartial camera reporting to us what he experiences based on his honest and transparent reporting. He is doing an excellent job and he is dealing with an amazing set of experiences in a very transparent and honorable way in my opinion.

I must be frank and give my personal view on certain things and these are my opinions based on my life’s experience and Corey’s conversations with me.

First it would seem that the individuals in the SSP including Corey had zero contact with the benevolent super federation 40 groups in the past. This is apparently changing. However Corey has had no direct contact or discussions or understanding of their relationship to earth from these groups directly. His reports are all about the Nazi Groups their expansionist history on earth the solar system on other worlds and even in the fabric of time itself.

This lack of contact is not unreasonable as prior in his work under mind control on the 20 and back he would be in great danger if any contact was attempted to have taken place during his tenure in space. This goes for the good SSP defectors trying to liberate earth as well as any bases in our solar system.

Secondly the entire program of the SSP the ICC etc. has all stemmed from the Nazi’s. The Nazi actually one the war in a sense and have continued the reign of terror via greedy power hungry corporate types who have wreaked untold havoc on the earth and in outer space. The lowest moral character has joned forces with the Nazis and this has led us to where we are now .

The freewill of millions or souls in the programs and on earth have been violated by kidnapping lies and the amount of suffering is beyond comprehension when we consider the suppression of healing technologies as well as the manipulations of wars there are too many atrocities to name. We all now know what is going on and we are demanding justice.

The lack of compassion by the good guys in the SSP to help Corey with his health is disturbing and wrong. Although it sucks for Corey and all of us it is understandable as these people are victims as well and have seen so much carnage and evil that they feel their view and Motus Oerandi is the only way. They choose to remain entrenched with fighting and military might as our the only way out. As Corey said they like to bomb their way out of situations. They are many of them true heroes and very circumspect and do not want to destroyed. I will ask them to have compassion at this time.

Most of their work has been for the Cabal syndicate and they have had relations with Dracos, Mantoids, Greys and the like. They have been at war on Mars and throughout the solar system so it is natural that they have no trust for any of the ET groups and it seems no respect for even the super federation 40 groups.

The quarantine has had a treaty since Mohamed times to not interfere with the surface population or to contact us in any way. This has been accepted as the full on war of their combined technological might used against each other would destroy thousands of worlds if unleashed. The loss if life would be unimaginable and they all realize this. This is why hostile groups can have bases next to each other on the moon and respect each others space…..Sometimes.

I have heard of reports of various minor skirmishes that test the limits of the other side’s reaction on the moon in particular. So with this complex political situation in a fluid motion with multiple cultures it is certainly a difficult situation to resolve. We here without our full consciousness restored have it very tough indeed. The earth is prime real estate and we are fodder in the way to some.

As Corey has said to me we have free will and this is true especially individually we can refuse the system and we can overcome the AI matrix. We may suffer the consequences of AI of earth laws as we follow universal truth and may even loose our lifes even. But Corey is right the power of decision is ours to choose.

I do feel our mass consciousness has been unfairly manipulated and our freewill has been taken form us in a very evil and cunning way with advanced entrainment technology systems of slavery physical and mental foisted upon the unsuspecting earth person. Our earth culture and true history has been hidden from us and we must bite the bullet and try to get ourselves free.

First we must free our souls into our divine birthright and access our god presence and adhere to the integrity of love and the powerful revelations that true soul contact confers. Secondly we must unite ourselves under a common goal to find alternatives to the evil that we are perpetually entrenched in on earth that we support.

I will submit that there are very positive and benevolent forces in the super federation 40 group who very much have been working hard for out liberation. The fact that Corey nor I or anyone else does not have all of the details does not mean that my postulations may not be true.

I feel that Corey is taking us through these revelations side by side with him and we are learning from him as he generously shares his experience with us. I cannot help but think that more details will come forth that will clarify what has been happening in the past and the current state of affairs.

I feel this is planned so we can gradually uncover the onion layers of the deception to heal ourselves to be free and liberate the planet.

I also feel we need to take this out of the intellectual argument phase and realize that we will not really going to get full disclosure from Corey OR Cobra or anybody until the criminals are arrested on earth which is our job. We must disengage from the hostile matrix at all costs. We must also be free from the hostile agendas of unfriendly beings off the planet. I also feel this must come with the help of the sphere beings and the super federation 40 good ET groups.

When it is safe for all involved and hostilities cease then we can have the full truth. Some earth based Intel that is being held by many brave souls to reveal the dirty truth of what has been happening here will come forward I promise. We can then process this information that will be able to be corroborated by inner record chambers and Akashic records via crystal holograms in a unified disclosure to all.

There are many other inner earth Agarthan networks who are not mentioned by Corey’s narrative and this will come forward in due course. Many of them will come to the surface after the AI threat can not longer threaten their civilizations.

Then I predict at some point we will have open first contact with multiple groups who will openly and lovingly explain their side of the story. In the mean time we must keep an open mind and an open heart and a permeable bubble. This will not be a false landing with another agenda I hope. But if this is attempted we will know and we will reject the lies.

One day we will all be offered to join our planet in love to other positive races to learn and grow and take our place with love and true freewill to become as fully conscious and sentient beings alongside of other races. I know we have much to teach them as well . We will be free and we will explore the universe in peace and spread goodwill and compassion throughout the cosmos.

Thank you Corey Goode for allowing me to interview you

God Bless and Peace Unto All

Victory To The light

Rob Potter

Enjoy the interview


TRANSCRIPT starts here…

Rob – Hello ladies and gentlemen. My name is Rob Potter, I’m broadcasting from here on the island of Maui. I have a very, very special edition of the Victory of light radio show. I’m interviewing Corey Goode, one of the top whistle-blowers’ in the world at this time, really coming out with some amazing information.

For those of you who know me, I work closely with Cobra in the past and I have also worked in creating some information about the coming changes. Corey Goode, for those of you who know, is bringing out a lot of information in his life in the SSP.

I’m not going to go into too much into the history. I have an idea here that this is going to be an advanced interview for people who have already been following Corey’s information. For those who have not watched all the episodes I strongly recommend you do so.

They contain a lot of information. You can go to Corey’s website, we’ll be talking about that in a second. I’m going to bring out information here, try to set the playing field and give us a clearer understanding of what’s going on out there.

I’ve already spoken to Corey. We’re going to bring up some suppositions an test the limits and see if we can get some understanding on, you know, what we call the glass pads and the SSP, the Alliance, the earth based Alliance and their views and their position here.

So we’re going to get into quite a few different things. Slightly political to get some clarity here. Then we’re going to go into some of this information. So much to go forward here today, so I’m going to try to keep my questions to a minimum but I will be setting the groundwork for some of this information. So without further a due, I’m going to introduce Corey Goode and just bring him on and we’re going to get started here.

Corey, it’s a wonderful pleasure. We’ve spoken several times in the last 7-8 months on the phone. It’s really an honor to get to know you and to finally have you on the show, so welcome to victory of light radio show. How are you doing?

Corey – I’m doing well, how about you?

Rob – Really good. Right away there maybe there’s some people who haven’t heard of your information. Why don’t you share some of your web sites where people can connect with you and of course so if you can give some web sites so people can follow up with your information to help support our mission.

Corey – Sure. My main website is and that’s where can find a lot of my news updates, transcripts to all of the shows that David Wilcock and I have done on which our show is Cosmic Disclosure. That’s on If you want to sign up for a subscription, if you go to, that way David and I get some sort of credit for it.

We’re also starting up a new project which is I’m sorry; I thought you were about to say something.

Rob – No I was on mute. I just want to move forward to the interview here. Folks, I’m going to give a very brief history here. Corey Goode was a part of a unique talented group of children that was researched and chosen by the government to become what is known as an intuitive empath and he became part of a Secret Space Program.

This program which really absolutely reads like the most outrageous crazy sci-fi television show. This is so out there that the average person can look at this material and just roll their eyes and just call this a bunch of junk and a bunch of made up stuff and dis-information and a lot of stuff that people cannot just wrap their heads around it.

I’ve been having experiences since 1970’s and spent a long time and I’ve been expecting this type of disclosure and information to come out. I spoken many years ago about when the SSP military guys come out it’s going to make the average contactee look like a choirboy and that’s what’s happening here.

We’re getting tremendous amounts of information in regards to the history of the current earth civilizations development and technology and alignments that follows. Corey has gone into outer space, worked for 20 years, come back and then actually then physically regressed to a youth again and lived many years with these memories and eventually has been able to come out and share this information with the public.

There’s a unique situation in that, we could call them the good guys of the American or the World’s based, mostly American SSP, probably the most advanced SSP that we know of, have decided to come out. They have broken some of their control mechanisms and I guess we could call it programming and have decided to come out against their masters in the international space conglomerate and to reveal information.

So the main players in the white hats of the SSP have their own ideas. They’re kind of militarily oriented and they have their own liaison, a gentleman named Gonzales. You can read about what the blue the Blue Sphere Beings say. Specifically that they wanted Corey Goode to represent them and this was kind of an “upset the apple cart” so to speak.

The good guys in the SPP kind of have a hostile or contentious relationship in regards to him. They don’t trust Corey and that’s one of the things we’re going to talk bout here. Corey, when I look at you being chosen here, it seems almost like the perfect choice because you were not involved with the SSP (at the time).

So there’s no necessary alliances there, you’re not treated really well by them and it seems as though you’re a more of an impartial observer and this is allowing the general public to get a direct, let’s call it “a birds eye view” on this situation.

I think it was made pretty clear, you know when you were scheduled to go with the Draco’s and it was revealed all the things they wanted to do with you in one of those meetings it was good that you did not go.

If you look at it, as I was looking at it then it became clear even if they did something to you Corey, god forbid. But you’re protected and they didn’t.

The reality is someone else could take your place. You are not a policy maker only a witness delivering information like an ambassador. I’m sure there’s another intuitive empath, like a back-up plan that could do this.

You were really like a camera and I think they realized that now and there’s anything they want to do they can replace the camera and there’s no agenda here. So in that way it makes no sense to hurt you.

I’d like you to, if you could, I’d like to start off with a thanks and gratitude from the world for you coming forward with this information. I’d like you to talk about your first meeting with the Blue Sphere Alliance and if you could tell me if they had more personal interaction with you than when you first talked. If you could talk about the first meeting and their mission statement for you as it was explained to you.

Corey – My first meeting were definitely all more of a person nature. Of a personal spiritual nature and a personal nature . . . information that I still want to keep personal but also was starting to prepare me for things that were coming down the pipe. So I don’t know exactly what you’re looking for but it was personal stuff, things that I needed to do to grow, things that I wasn’t doing at the time because I was stubborn, I wasn’t getting on a high vibratory diet, I wasn’t spending as much time in meditation as I should and you know, they were trying to get me in a more high vibratory state. In the beginning I was resistant I guess, maybe on a subconscious level. I wasn’t just saying Oh, OK; I’ll just do that then. It always took something occurring, some sort of catalyst like I finally got on the high vibratory diet at our last shoot at when I had food poisoning so bad at the beginning of the shoot. We shot, I think 10 episodes was all we were able to shoot that week because I was just deadly ill and after that my body would just totally reject meat or . . . all I eat is fruit and vegetables and I’m constantly eating, but that’s all I eat. So I somewhat refused to go on this high vibratory diet and you know, things occurred to steer me that way any way.

Rob – Very good. You’re preparing the vessel for the work to connect your, I guess we call it your higher self your I AM presence or what you call the resonance center to receive this information and to be prepared to assimilate this higher vibration. I was talking about identification and information, I was wondering if they told you anything about your past lives and did you get an overview of the situation and the political situation going on with the mission or has that been kind of kept from you.

Corey – I’ve been asked a couple times if I wanted to know who I was, who I am and who I will be, whatever that means. I assume that means past lives and I know that, but something has told me that I don’t need to know that and that has been my response that I don’t need to know that right now. What was the 2nd part of your question?

Rob – I understand that. You don’t need to know that as part of your past, I meant in relationship to them. The other thing I was wondering about, did you speak about philosophy and vetting them for what is their belief and their agenda and what is the information that they wish to convey through you to the world.

Corey – These are not conversations like I’m having with you right now. These are very . . . it’s taken a while for me to learn the way they communicate is so cryptic. They’re so big about not violating free will and given they provide information and when I tell, when I tell David, you know, when I would communicate with David Wilcock after a briefing, he said that’s how they communicate things in the law of one.

I have no reason why, I have no idea why, but it’s a bit frustrating, you know. It’s just the way these higher density beings are. I mean we try to overlay our 3rd, 4th density way of thinking on top of them and that’s just not going to fly. These beings are in a totally different wavelength literally and they’re basically talking down or coming down to communicate with us.

This non-verbal communication does not occur in linear form like a sentence or a conversation would. The communication occurs in images and smells and tastes and all the different sensory input types that you would think of.

Rob – Right. So it’s a full kind of telepathic communication where you get a lot of information and there’s a lot at this point in time the details are kind of open ended for you. I do have a question because a lot of the contactees and this includes even the scientific contactees have a different positive feeling from them .

Those who I’m working with say in the super confederation alliance of 40 worlds their interactions seem to indicate a very kind of a spiritual inner orientation. You have brought out in your interviews but it hasn’t been really like at the forefront and I think that’s because obviously you don’t want to get people wrapped up in religion and polarization and you simply want this information to come out.

Still we are there is I guess we could call it the law of one or a spiritual orientation . What I would postulate when it comes to God and I’m going to the Wendell Stevens book with the Iargan group that kind of look like an ape,(the come from the vegan system) they postulate that there are basic axioms for understanding God.

People question is it god or is it evolution? I would say that god created evolution. When I say god I do not mean an anthropomorphic being sitting on a throne with a beard I’m talking about divine intelligence that knows the beginning form the end and has a plan for souls and certain laws of the universe. We can call it the law of one or whatever.

Their axioms are this: “That something cannot come from nothing, so we are something; therefore we came from something! That something could be called the creator or god “

The alternative paradoxical axiom is that that source that is created us had to come from something” So there’s really no empirical logical dualistic mind way of saying that there is a God. There is also no way to say there is not a God or creator.

Yet if you choose there is no god it’s kind of like it’s just a materialistic random universe the leaves it quite cold and the benevolent ET assure us this is not the case. They are emphatic that there is a reason and a purpose and that the power of love is the binding force of the universe.

In fact the nature of all creation and the what they would call, you could call the divine intelligence, source or creator. I don’t want to pop anyone’s religious bubble and relations here. Can you talk about your understanding of this or have they mentioned to you anything about the creator or the positive side like looking at the glass as half full ? That through faith, as opposed to demanding rational explanations for everything.

Corey – Well most of what’s been communicated to me is basically their beliefs; most of their beliefs go back to something about an oneness. That there is an intelligent resonant field and this intelligent resonant field this resonant field creates a geometric pattern that is the basis of matter that creates matter and then this matter is intelligently manipulated within the different fields and torsion fields that have consciousness that’s a part of this resonance consciousness is in a resonant field and that they call, that we all call the created source, that David Wilcock called the Source Field in his book. There are many names for it.

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