Sphere Being Alliance 4-5-16… “Cosmic Disclosure: Voice of God Technology”

sphere_being_alliance_logo_19Just watched this show today, and I later realized that Corey puts the transcript of every show up on his SBA blog. This was pretty “intensely penetrating”, when you realize this technology actually exists, and you know has been used on many of us.

Corey passed along a pdf file of this as well. Click the link to view and/or download.

I’ve posted about 1/3 of the transcript, and left a link at the end to go to Corey’s blog to read the rest.


Cosmic Disclosure: Voice of God Technology

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David Wilcock: All right. Welcome to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock. We’re here with Corey Goode, and in this episode we’re going to explore various aspects of a highly controversial topic, one that may be unsettling to you – the Voice of God. And as we’ve been sitting here meditating, getting ready to do this, I’ve been thinking about both the historic aspect of how some of these things have been done and then we’re also going to tie in some very strange modern technology as well. So this is going to be controversial. It may be upsetting, so viewer discretion is advised.

All right, Corey, welcome to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: Now, when we go back to the history of the Cabal, it appears that we are dealing with the Egyptian mystery schools, Babylonian mystery schools, that were absorbed into the Roman Empire when Rome eventually conquered Egypt when they were quite weak. They absorbed the Library of Alexandria, they brought it to the Vatican, they relocated to England. And that is documented that Romans were coming to England around the beginning of the first millennium AD. They created Bath, which is a town in England, that still has the Roman baths in it. And it seems like that became their new base of operations for Europe.

Now, the religious wars that we know as the Crusades began around 1,000 A.D., and the Cabal begins to deal with a group known as the Assassins. Now, have you heard from your own background of any . . . Did you get any information about the idea of the use of drugs like hashish to train these men to become assassins?

Corey: The groups that we consider the Illuminati, or the occult syndicates, have been into mind control for millennia. And they use drugs, trauma, positive-negative reinforcement, all different types of methods that they’ve been doing for literally millennia.

David: Did you encounter any information suggesting that drugs and trauma were used all the way back, perhaps, to the Order of the Assassins so that someone could be brought into a state where they would be given verbal suggestions that they would not remember hearing later on but would then carry out what those commands were?

Corey: Yes. Using drugs, sexual abuse and other trauma on people when they were young to cause them to have segmented personalities is a very ancient way of creating people that they can create trigger words, or gateway words, or gatekeeper words, that can send them back into one personality or back to a docile personality and them having no memory of what they did – like “Manchurian Candidate” kind of thing. That’s a very ancient type of tactic.

David: Well, right there you said something that a lot of people might not be aware of. They might think that MKUltra was only developed by Nazi Germany and is a recent thing that’s only been a factor in world politics for maybe the last half century or so.

Corey: No.

David: So this is a very ancient technology.

Corey: Yeah. The root of everything that they did in MKUltra was very ancient and stuff that these Illuminati groups have been doing on their own family members for many, many hundreds of years. They were very familiar with them, knew they worked and decided to implement them in programs.

David: I met with a guy who was part of a family that had a great deal of money, and I was taken into a Masonic lodge that had many different lodges within it – a very large building. What you find out is that these guys are having to memorize incredibly long amounts of verbal information that they regurgitate, and they have to do it verbatim – incredibly complex, incredibly long.

Does someone need to be able to learn how to go into a state of hypnosis in order to have that type of performance of memory?

Corey: Well, yeah. They need to be able to affect your state of consciousness. That’s a key factor.

David: So talk us through what you know about some of these secret societies and the ceremonies that are taking place. Is it intended to put you into a state of hypnosis? Do they do things that traumatize people and throw you into an altered consciousness?

Corey: Other than attempted recruitment of me by various members of secret societies, I have not been in these ceremonies. Where I come in, the knowledge I have, is the technologies they used to affect people remotely with technology – a kind of like radio technology or microwave-type technology.

They were flat panels, and they could focus on one person in a crowded room and send a signal that would vibrate their skull and the wet tissue of their brain. And the people would hear sounds or voices, not necessarily through their ear, but in their mind. And they called it the Voice of God technology.

David: What do you mean by a flat panel? What did it look like?

Corey: It looked like . . . Well, I mean, if you hand me that laptop.

David: Sure. Don’t let the Cabal see the serial number, though. Ha, ha.

Corey: It would be not much different than that. It would be on a stand and have a cable coming from it that would go to a box. And then the box would have something that . . . a microphone that you would speak into, or there would be a preprogrammed audio signal that you would send.

And there was a third function. And this panel right here would be aimed at the person and it would shoot and focus on the single person. And it wasn’t that much different in size than this.


Corey: And there was also what they called a data download function that would have a complex data download program that was created. The people that created them were called ‘programmers’, and they could create scenarios to give people visual, audio, and olfactory . . . They could smell, taste what they were programmed through what they were experiencing being stimulated in their brain through the technology. so they could give the people full auditory, visual and olfactory hallucinations.

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