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john_denver_healing_time_a_sat-90_240This somehow “magically” showed up on my FB news stream, and with all the things that are now manifesting in a positive way on the planet (rising consciousness, awareness, and all that) it felt the perfect time for this song. I’ve never heard it before. Healing of the planet, Aloha `Āina, is needed and being called for, now. John was so very connected to the planet, the mountains, the oceans, the animals, the trees…

“Healing Time on Earth” very much expresses how I feel, and try to live, not just on this planet, but with this planet, in harmony with this planet.

The first half is John talking about the song, and at 3:24 is where it actually starts. I’ve heard him in concert and actually met him in person after one he gave in Minneapolis. In my view, he is one of the greatest performers (and guitarists) of all time. I believe strongly that this song was given to us, by him, for this time.

There is another video from which I got the lyrics, posted below the video notes.

Published on Feb 7, 2014
This is an extremely rare song. From what I know, it was only performed once, in Windstar Symposium in 1995 and never got published (so, no infringement of copyrights). We lost him… My guess, is that the introduction to song is a bit made up, but lets enjoy the song and what John have to say/share..

Note, how at the beginning of the song(at 4.50), the audience which used to his upbeat, funny country songs, expected this to be the same and laughed when he made a pause at one of his the most vulnerable moments… [Kp note: I can almost guarantee, he was trying to remember the next line! (It’s happened to me)]

Lyrics: HEALING TIME ON EARTH ♥ …a rare performance by the late John Denver

john_denver_healing_time_bLet the mountains talk, let the river run
There is wisdom here, there is much to learn
There is much to know, much to understand
In this healing time all across the land

You have heard my songs, oh so many years
You have laughed with me, washed away my tears
You have shared my joy, you have felt my pain
In this healing time, walk with me again

Through these darker days on this narrow line
Help me find my way, help me see the signs
I am not afraid, I am not alone
You have taught me well, you have brought me home

Let the mountain speak, let the rivers run
As the world awakes to the rising sun
In each brand new day, in our own rebirth
In this healing time on our Mother Earth

Let the mountains talk, let the rivers run
There is wisdom here, there’s so much to learn
In each brand new day, in our own rebirth
In this healing time for our Mother Earth
In each brand new day, in our own rebirth
In this healing time, here on Mother Earth

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