Two RTs about how “Russia saved Syria from US regime change”, and “West [should] reassess”

Syrian_children_playing_from_RT_article_200rt_cube_logo_150_14These are two more articles that point out what Russia has been doing to alleviate the destruction in Syria, and destroy the credibility of THE USA/NATO CORP.

Job done: Russia saved Syria from US regime change… now it’s over to diplomacy

” Five years of war, five months of Russian military intervention, and now peace talks are underway. It’s as simple as that. However, rather than acknowledging a successful Russian mission, Western media outlets immediately began speculating that President Putin’s surprise announcement to withdraw Russian forces from Syria indicates a “rift” between Moscow and Damascus.

“This is just more of the same Western media weapon of mass distraction that has obscured the real nature of the five-year war.

“The sovereignty of Syria is the central principle officially underpinning peace talks that resumed in Geneva this week. Without Russia’s military intervention, Syria would not have the chance to pursue a political settlement on a such solid footing.

“By contrast, after nearly two years of US-led military intervention allegedly to “defeat terrorism”, the Syrian state was on the brink of collapse from a largely foreign-backed terrorist assault. Until, that is, Russia intervened at the end of September last year.

“…thanks to alternative news media in the West and also internationally, such as channels like RT and Press TV, there is a substantial body of information that challenges the Western mainstream narrative. Not only challenges, but exposes it as willful deception.”

‘Russian Syria op should be catalyst for West’s reassessment of how to engage with Moscow’

“British Conservative MP Daniel Kawczynski says he hopes Russia’s actions in Syria and the results its operation has achieved will become “a catalyst for reassessment of how NATO and the West can effectively engage with Russia”.

““I think our own government here in the UK and many commentators have to catch up with the new position that Russia has taken internationally. Russia has decided to take this risk by intervening in the conflict in Syria. And it would appear it has really paid off. Russian activity in Syria has been a catalyst for bringing about a cessation to the appalling tragedy that has unfold itself in that country over the last five years. The sooner my government starts to realize that we have to work constructively with Russia and other permanent members of the UN Security Council to work collaboratively together to take on ISIS and other trouble spots around the world, the better.”

“‘Russia’s withdrawal from Syria may boost Geneva talks’ prospects’ “Moscow obviously believes the Syrian army and Hezbollah and Iranian forces are capable of keeping the territory they’ve occupied and taken back from the rebels and perhaps even make further progress,” says Martin McCauley, British historian and former senior lecturer at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, at University College London.

“Since Russia is going to keep its air and naval bases, they can come back if the situation changes, he noted.”

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