Dr. Michael Salla on Coast to Coast 3-5-16… “Whistleblowers & the Secret Space Program”… Audio and MP3s

michael_salla_fb_head_25coast_to_coast_AM_2This is an interview of Dr. Michael Salla on C2C with Jimmy Church as host. I’ve taken the MP3s and removed ads and extraneous music, and place the links and audio players below. I feel this is an important “add on” to what Corey and David have been presenting. Dr. Salla’s website is Exopolitics.org. Each MP3 is 34 minutes long, 16 MB.

Part 1 MP3 (34 min., 16 MB)

Part 2 MP3 (34 min., 16 MB)

Part 3 MP3 (34 min., 16 MB)

Show title and link from the RMN posting are below.


Whistleblowers & the Secret Space Program

Program description at Coast to Coast website:

Below are MP3 Audio files of full broadcast hours from the CKNW-AM (Vancouver BC) two-week audio archives:

In hour 1, host Jimmy Church interviewed Prof. David Jacobs on the subject of ongoing alien abductions, and alien hybrids living among us:

Hour 1 (interview starts at 11:00 into the hour):

In hours 2-4, Michael Salla discussed whistleblowers and the information they have provided about the secret space program:

Hour 2 (interview starts at 11:45 into the hour):
Hour 3:
Hour 4:

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