Highlights from David Wilcock’s 3-6-16 “Just Say No to Partial Disclosure!” article

David_Wilcock_Search171These are a few parts that “stood out” for me, and only relate to the “partial vs. full disclosure” theme. One point he makes is something that occurred to me after watching the new X-Files, and that is, “The first and second episodes of the X-Files miniseries reboot were a veritable manifesto for the partial disclosure roll-out.” Exactly.

In the end, I found it well worth my time to have read the entire article, even the personal points from David. By far, however, the title of “Just Say No to Partial Disclosure!” really says it all. Even if there are such things as economic reset, debt relief, RV of currencies, 911 truth, “Yes, Virginia, there is a secret space program” revelations, what is the point, if we go from Slavery System A (unaware of SSP, living in “crap” conditions) to Slavery System B (aware of SSP and all the wonders of it and “We can have a personal Jetsons-style (or Star Trek) shuttle craft” conditions, but still with the same old cabal-type controls)?

Anyway, here are the ones I picked out, from the “partial vs. full disclosure” sections.

Highlights (from the Kp perspective… and any bolding is strictly my own)

  • We are right on the verge of a massive victory. Now is the time. If we do not act now, we will lose the window and get “partial disclosure.” Everything I have ever worked on, my entire life, is all coming to a head over the next few months — based on what we are hearing. The window could be longer than that, but we really don’t know. The intel is not that specific.
  • Karma is coming home to roost. Big time. You are about to see the fireworks start to go off in the global sense.
  • The most shocking intel to arrive in the last few months has been that the earth-based alliance is trending towards accepting a “Partial Disclosure” timeline… They told him in no uncertain terms that if we do not pull together as an “alternative community,” we will get the “Partial Disclosure” timeline.
  • [This] timeline requires very large-scale events to happen very quickly. In order for this to occur, a certain sequence of catalysts are expected… a relatively sudden, dramatic collapse of the Euro, the US dollar and the “too big to fail” mega-banks. For a period of time, it may be that any money you have in the bank will be inaccessible and / or nearly worthless. It will be returned after the dust settles.
  • The negative groups are hoping for large-scale loss of life when this happens. It is very likely not going to turn out that way, but there probably will be some.
  • At some point we lose power and internet access, at least throughout America and possibly Europe, for up to 2-3 weeks. Most people are in a blackout… there will be small-scale but intense military conflicts between opposing groups in many, if not most major American and European cities… [which] will likely focus on areas where the Cabal and its assets are the most concentrated. Most of the targeted people inside will be brought out in handcuffs and arrested, not shot and killed, as this happens… The controlled media will be telling a completely different story… [and] it will appear at first as if everything we have worked so hard to achieve on this site has actually happened.
  • [David gives other details to expect with a “partial disclosure”]
  • The first and second episodes of the X-Files miniseries reboot were a veritable manifesto for the partial disclosure roll-out. The rest were relatively unrelated.
  • The Cabal groups are furious with Corey and me for interfering with this “partial disclosure” timeline. They would kill us if they could get it authorized.
  • The bad guys go to jail, everyone gets a decent chunk of money, and we are all distracted by an incredible new story spurring endless internet flame wars. Meanwhile, “business as usual” continues, with the Cabal groups continuing to work behind the scenes for another 100 years of gradual roll-out.
  • their apparent plan [is] to say there are no ETs here now — or at least none since Roswell — is completely outrageous.
  • The simple fact that Cosmic Disclosure already exists as a show for anyone to watch should make it almost impossible for this plan to work. Corey has been brought in and interrogated by these “lower level military” space program groups using methods that force him to tell the truth.
  • The mega-article I am nearly finished with — after whatever negative greetings ensue — goes into a lot more detail. The Powers that Were are counting on stories like this not being popular enough to make a difference once they do “The Revealing.”
  • Together, we can stop this mega-con-job from happening. And we must. The initial phases of it will very likely occur no matter what. The real key is in what happens after the lights come back on.
  • If we end up on the “partial disclosure” timeline, the “sphere beings” now visiting us will hold off the Ascension event for an “eon,” which could be 100 years or more. If we get the full disclosure timeline, the most commonly viewed window for this mass consciousness / energetic shift has been 2017-2018.
  • YOU ARE DIRECTLY INVOLVED… You are not a passive participant watching this all take place from your chair. You are directly involved in whether we get full or partial disclosure. Full disclosure will lead to a magnificent transformation of our culture into a Star Trek society in a matter of months, complete with stargate travel and materializers.
  • I do not believe we were told about the difference between the partial and full disclosure timelines if we were doomed to fail this test. I think it is very likely that there are many ways we can win the full disclosure — and it really just takes each of us caring enough to do something about it.
  • With knowledge and information comes power — and the ability to prevent the “Powers That Were” from taking advantage of a major, imminent upheaval.
  • I absolutely believe the reason I keep getting pounded when I try to write is that major changes are so close. I am having dreams about it constantly.”

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