A Couple of VTs 3-4-16… “More Turkey Troubles”

veterans_today_banner_NEW_245Although the latter article does not sound too “healthy”, guaranteed such a “war” would be carried out swiftly and with minimal collateral damage. And the Light may have other plans, as well, to ameliorate (smooth out) the situation.

(And by the way, every time I post these articles with titles containing “world war”, “nuclear bombs”, and the like, I flood them with Light and the intent for a peaceful-for-all solution.)

Russian Radars Document Turkish Cease Fire Violations

“The Russian Army as set up electronic systems which allows monitoring violations of ceasefire in Syria.

“The Zoopark-1 missile and artillery ground reconnaissance complex is designed to automatically determine the coordinates of enemy artillery positions (mortars, field artillery, rocket volley fire systems and tactical missile launch positions) to provide target sighting information…

“The Zoopark-1 intelligence and radar complex is completely autonomous and it takes about five minutes to deploy.”

Russia and Turkey Move Closer to War with Assassination Ploy (updated) (Gordon Duff)

“There are multiple confirmations today, from sources in Hezbollah intelligence in Lebanon, from Iraq and now directly from Russia. Sources also reveal that Russia has become increasingly frustrated and impatient with Turkey for that nations intransigence in the face of numerous communications from Moscow.

“Russia has made every effort to inform Turkey that their provocations in Syria will lead to war and the removal of the Erdogan government. This will happen during the Obama presidency for reasons Erdogan just doesn’t get and will be done with tacit US approval and to the great relief of NATO and the EU, who now see Turkey as a threat to European security.

“An assassination list has been intercepted, a broad plot by Saudi Arabia and Turkey, to kill regional leaders in Iraq and Lebanon.

“VT has strong confirmations that Russian Vladimir Putin now takes the actions of Turkey’s President, Recip Erdogan personally including Erdogan’s involvement backing extremist elements in Ukraine, his nuclear weapons program, Turkey’s partnership with Georgia in the development and use of biological and chemical weapons and Turkey’s direct support of terrorism inside Russia.

“Putin considers Erdogan a madman.”

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