Kingdom of Hawai’i EAducation 1… “Decoded Secret Navy Memo of 8-13-1892″… (the takeover of Hawai’i was Planned)

hawaiian_kingdom_shield_39“Ea”, in Hawaiian, means “Sovereignty”. However many of these EAducation posts I may write, they are all pointed towards the intent of educating people about what was done in Hawai’i to the Kingdom of Hawai’i… with the further intent of increasing awareness and opening windows for the return of the “Kingdom of Hawai’i.

The message contained in this Navy memo is very clear… the takeover of the Kingdom of Hawai’i, and the installation of a provisional government, was planned. Even the details of the process to “fire heavy cannon to threaten and create fear at each island” were planned ahead of time. It was not a “spur of the moment” uprising by those who called themselves “The Annexation Committee”. It was planned.

Louis “Buzzy” Agard found the cryptic (coded) memo (communication, message) in 1964, and eventually found the Navy code book of 1887, which allowed him to de-code it.

The decoded words are read at 19:30 of the video. The words (transcribed by Kp) are below.

Coded telegram is on page 88 of Louis Buzzy Agard’s book, and the decoded telegram, on page 128. The message was decoded by using the Navy secret code book of 1887.

To: Secretary of Navy, Washingdon DC
From: ??
Date: 8-13-1892 [5 months prior to the 1-17-1893 takeover]

According to the President’s instructions, execute his orders as quickly as possible. Proceed at once to Hawaii.

As soon as you arrive there, you are advised to sail along the island chain, fire heavy cannon to threaten and create fear at each island.

Your final destination: the harbor at Honolulu.

A decision has been rendered to support the American legation who plan to set up a provisional government.

Assist United States foreign affairs [John L.] Stevens. He will ask for armed military troops, with weapons, to be landed to protect interests of members of the provisional government.

You are authorized to take all necessary steps to protect our interests.

Remain there for the present and wait for further orders.

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