A Couple of Jim Dean’s VTs 2-8-16…

veterans_today_banner_NEW_225veterans_today_jim_dean_banner_30Okay, bottom line from my end here, I am not at all “up to date” on these military things, nor to I care to stay “up to date” on them. But I do pay attention to the viewpoints of Jim Dean, what he writes and comments about these things, and how it indicates the KM cabal is falling apart, and that this is progress for the planet.

Interview – Russia rejects blame for Syria talks breakdown

“The Russian ambassador to the United Nations has dismissed allegations that Moscow has sabotaged Syrian peace talks in Geneva… He defended the Russian airstrikes saying the operations in Aleppo have broken the sieges on certain Syrian communities in recent days. Churkin made the remarks before the 15-member body was briefed by United Nations special envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura on the suspension of Geneva peace talks in a closed-door meeting.”


In Demand: Why China Purchases Russian Su-35 Fighter Jets

“Some may say a $2 billions plane contract is not a big deal, but one must examine the context, like this being one more step toward China and Russia not competing in arms sales but looking for ways to compliment each other where one has a technological edge.

“Frankly they are in a catch up mode on this…kind of. NATO (or Lockheed) had wanted a universal dominant fighter plane to be produced in high numbers for large run cost savings. We all know what a con that has turned out to be with the F-35.

“All of those getting involved in the New Silk Road will understand the competitive edge that economy of scale creates along with working closely together versus endless and often wasteful competition. It will give them an edge over sea borne traffic.”

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